And the winner is…..//WDYTB Results!🤩👏

Hey guys!! The We Dare You To Blog winners are announced TODAY!!! 🤩💙⚡️ Check out Evin’s incredible post for all the info. I loved hosting this competition SO much!! Evin was a fantastic co-host (for example: she got up the winners announcement post when I was running behind 😂💕 *hugs*), and all the contestants worked soooo hard and did an amazing job! I’m so proud of each and every daring blogger! (This may or may not become a yearly event 😏😏😂 so anyway check out Evin’s post! Thanks to everyone for helping make this competition so memorable and incredible!

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Hi Oreos!!💗 It’s FINALLY time to announce the Most Daring Blogger – and the runner ups of We Dare You To Blog!! 😀🎉

YOU GUYS🤩👏This has been such an incredible experience hosting this competition with my best buddy, Maggie!💕I am so proud of y’all for being so dedicated and being a good sport throughout the entire competition. I loved reading the posts for all the dares😍🙌

If you missed participating, don’t worry – Maggie and I will be hosting WDYTB yearly!🥳⚡

and…this won’t be the only blog contest I’ll be hosting this year.😜😏

Listed below are the links to all WDYTB posts!

Well, let’s take a look at what the winners will be getting!

– Prizes –

First place🥇gets the title of Most Daring Blogger, a…

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WDYTB ⚡ // 🙌 the ULTIMATE TIE BREAKER round! 🙌

Hi guys!! GUESS WHAT WDYTB CONTESTANTS! You've made it to the Ultimate Tie Breaker round! 🥳⚡ This blog competition was made up of 8 total dares! During each one, the contestants challenged themselves to meet the dare criteria by doing certain posts on their blogs, working with other contestants, and more! Now that the main… Continue reading WDYTB ⚡ // 🙌 the ULTIMATE TIE BREAKER round! 🙌



Helloooo friends! Today you'll get to find out the fourth dare for We Dare You To Blog! (and the title gives a sneaky sneaky hint! 😉) This competition has been amazing. We're about halfway through it now, and I can't wait for the second half! 🤩👏 So the third dare is still happening this very… Continue reading WDYTB ⚡ // 🅣🅗🅔 🅕🅞🅤🅡🅣🅗 🅓🅐🅡🅔 🅛🅞🅛


WDYTB ⚡ // week one results & the third dare (extra credit!)

Hiya guuuuuys! This is the THIRD DARE that's part of We Dare You To Blog! I'm having an awesome time hosting this contest with Evin. I hope you guys are having fun playing and/or seeing what happens! 😂 You can read Evin's post for today here! Let's check out the posts done for dare #2!… Continue reading WDYTB ⚡ // week one results & the third dare (extra credit!)


WDYTB ⚡ week one results and second dare woohoo

Hey guys whats up Can you tell whats in store for this dare I hope you can haha What's up guuuuuys! Today Evin and I announce the second dare for We Dare You To Blog, the awesome blogging competition that's captivating the blogosphere! (ok I'm not sure about that) Click here to see what this… Continue reading WDYTB ⚡ week one results and second dare woohoo


WDYTB ⚡ // questions answered + FIRST DARE

Helloooo my friends! If you're not sure what this post is all about, click here. 😂 Evin and I are hosting a super exciting blog competition! Signups are now closed, so if you are a contestant: WELCOME TO WDYTB!!! And if you didn't sign up, you are part of the Epic Audience! 👏👏👏 Give a… Continue reading WDYTB ⚡ // questions answered + FIRST DARE