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maggie’s little favorites // june 2021 edition

Hello! Well, look what just FLEW on by 😂💜 We're already approaching the end of June! After May, which took five months to pass haha, June definitely seemed to move at warp speed! I haven't done a 'snapshots' post in a bit, so I'd like to do a post talking about recent favorites! Since I… Continue reading maggie’s little favorites // june 2021 edition


doodle lyrics // fight song ~ rachel platten

Hey howdy hey! This is the second post in my doodle lyrics series, so I hope you really love it! 😍 Oh and to the people who requested me doodling a song by Olivia Rodrigo (Evin), One Direction (Evin & Sep), and Sabrina Carpenter (Diamond) - I'm workin' on 'em guys! Thanks for the suggestions… Continue reading doodle lyrics // fight song ~ rachel platten


1d lyric designs ~ collab with eesh!

Hi guys!! Welcome BACK to my blog! You're reading the latest post on maggie's doodles, and I hope you have an awesome time here 😂💕 Today I'm doing a fun collab with Eesh from Bright Light Shine! 🥳🙌 We're doing a One Direction lyric design swap! So in my post, you can find Eesh's four… Continue reading 1d lyric designs ~ collab with eesh!

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what’s in my music playlist? | march/april 2021

Hi! I hope you're having a great day! 💚 Madeleine @ Whimsical Watercolor suggested I do a what's in my music playlist post! So that's what I'm doing today 😍 (definitely check out her blog! She does some super awesome creative things, like coding, making epic color palettes, and more!) This post is broken into… Continue reading what’s in my music playlist? | march/april 2021

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{inktober} day eighteen – trap

Hey welcome back! This is Chickadee Lover Maggie's newest post, which I am happy to present to you. It's #Inktober2020 time! Okay, I totally took creative liberties with this one. Read the doodle's story to understand! (you probably will read that anyway but I'm just making sure to prepare you haha) Click here to visit the… Continue reading {inktober} day eighteen – trap

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the sunshine blogger award

Hello! Welcome back to Chickadee Lover Maggie! If this is your first time here, I write book reviews, awards and tags, things I'm thinking about... and that's it so far. More coming soon! Vani over at Heart talk with vani wrote about the Sunshine Blogger Award today and invited anyone interested to participate! So that's… Continue reading the sunshine blogger award