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what I got for christmas! || 2021 💕

hiya!! it's maggie here, bringing you one more christmas post before it's too late. 😂 today I'm showing you what I got for christmas!! so this one's an unintentional gift lol! josh already got a pop socket for his birthday the day before, so when he got this on christmas he was like hey maggie,… Continue reading what I got for christmas! || 2021 💕


christmas room tour!

Hello! You're reading the latest post on maggie's doodles. Welcome! I'm so glad you're here 😀 Today I'm giving you a tour of the Christmas decor in my room! I've been planning to do this post since December 1st. haha so I'm glad I get to talk about it with you today! I've already shared a recent… Continue reading christmas room tour!