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summer ‘22 || the lifeguard on the beach 🛟

a short story The sun. It’s baking into my skin. I take a deep breath, roll my neck. What’s the alternative? At least I’m protected from the sun. The lifeguard stand creaks a little as I readjust myself. Boy, is it a hot day. I squint at the swimmers, asking myself for them why they’d… Continue reading summer ‘22 || the lifeguard on the beach 🛟

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if aesthetics were people ✨😂

wanna see what these aesthetics look like?check out the corresponding collagesin this post! “Good morning, ladies,” said a sleepy voice. Muted came around the corner, cradling matcha tea against her dusty rose bathrobe. She joined the others, who were all seated on the back porch of a mountain resort. “I’m so glad you joined us,”… Continue reading if aesthetics were people ✨😂


the grinning cowboy ~ the saloon 🤎

“You really think you can mosey on in here with a grin like that?” Treating the cowboy to a grin of his own, Colin continued shining a glass that many a traveler had peered somberly into. Shifting his belt ever so slightly, Chad straddled the stool and leaned back comfortably. “You know it, partner.” His… Continue reading the grinning cowboy ~ the saloon 🤎

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the grinning cowboy ~ under the stars 💜

hey guys!! so i KIND OF LOVE CHAD (my fictional cowboy man!) and while going through my phone notes, i found the short story i wrote about him! i started a second short story a while back 🌝 and i just finished it today! i hope you enjoy reading it, he’s like one of my… Continue reading the grinning cowboy ~ under the stars 💜


the grinning cowboy: a short story

Oh my gosh,I love this guy 😂 Hey guys!! Today I bring you a short story featuring Chad, a cowboy I introduced to you in my single line story challenge. I fell in love with him and knew he had to feature in a story! There's been a lot going on in my life this… Continue reading the grinning cowboy: a short story


the single line story challenge

Hello! Welcome BACK to my blog 🤩 I'M SO EXCITEEEEEEEDDDD I came up with a super fun challenge today! So there are so many genres I never write in. Or have never written in at all. It inspired me to write a post with some short stories that are out of my usual writing style!… Continue reading the single line story challenge


puppies 🐶 ~ little short stories

Hello!! Welcome back to maggie's doodles 💕 well, it’s a bit of a late post from me today. 😂👍 I had a fun idea for a post series this morning! 😍 I'm going to choose a topic to look up on a free stock photo website (either Pixabay, Pexels or Unsplash), then pick three photos… Continue reading puppies 🐶 ~ little short stories

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one-word story prompts: {eigengrau}

Hello!! Welcome back to my blog ❤️ Today I'm introducing to you a brand new post series! 😍 it will give me the chance to do more creative writing, as well as involve you guys in my content! This is the first One-Word Story Prompts post 📝💕 Basically I'll reach out to the awesome bloggers… Continue reading one-word story prompts: {eigengrau}

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doodle profiles & a short story | creative collab ft. pottahwand!

Hi there! I'm so glad to see you! This is the latest post on maggie's doodles, the creative space where I share inspiration, funny photoshoots, life stories, and more! Today I have a VERY special guest joining me! PottahWand and I have been working on a collab that we're very excited to present to you!… Continue reading doodle profiles & a short story | creative collab ft. pottahwand!


a knight in shining satin: a short story

Hey! I hope you're doing well ❤ I wrote a short story back in the fall, and I hinted at/promised/planned on (who knows lol) a sequel! Today I bring you the second part to that story 🙂 ❤ I hope you enjoy! Go read a prince in distress here. a knight in shining satin Struggling… Continue reading a knight in shining satin: a short story