doodle lyrics // the last of the real ones ~ fall out boy

Somehow, Sundays have unintentionally become doodle lyric days for me 😂 so it works out that this is the post I wanted to do next lol! Hi guys!! Welcome back to my blog 💖 it's doodle lyrics time!! 🤩👍 On my last doodle lyrics post, Zoe @ Random Thoughts of my Fandoms requested that I… Continue reading doodle lyrics // the last of the real ones ~ fall out boy


caption that doodle ~ pt. 1! (fun new series!)

Hi guys! make sure you go check out the cool new series I’m doing on Out in the Randomness! 😄💕

Out in the Randomness...

Hiya Craxies! This is Maggie here, doing my very first post on OITR! 🥳💕💕 I hope you’ll love following this blog! I can’t wait to get started posting here.

Starting today, I’ll be doing a series on Wednesdays called caption that doodle! Ooh doesn’t that sound fun? 🤩❤️ So: what is it, and how does it work? I’ll share that with you in a moment!

By the way WE’RE ALMOST TO 100 FOLLOWERS EEEEE thank you! ✨

First, I want to say that this series was inspired in part by Roshni @ The Jolly Space! She’s done a cool meme series, and I thought it would be awesome to make a doodle version! So thanks for the inspo Roshni! 🥳 (ooh that’s the second party emoji I’ve used already today haha)

AND NOW! Let’s get to the very first caption that doodle!

Oh- I haven’t explained how it’s gonna…

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doodle flops: when doodles don’t go as planned

Hi! Well... this post is gonna be hilarious! 😂 Today I introduce to you the ALL NEW SERIES ... doodle flops! The ultimate behind-the-scenes of my life as a doodler! 😂🎨💕 I want to give a big shoutout to Diamond for giving me the idea for this series! When I shared some doodle bloopers with… Continue reading doodle flops: when doodles don’t go as planned

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finding my blogging style! {aka what I know so far}

Hi guys!! This is a post I've been wanting to write for the past few weeks. It keeps swirling around my brain and I'm finally gonna rescue it out of the blogging pot. 😂💕 (interesting metaphor, huh) I have been hard at work this spring finding & developing my blogging style! *inspirational music plays* I… Continue reading finding my blogging style! {aka what I know so far}


doodling the seasons ~ guest post by roshni!

Hi! Welcome back to my blog 😍💕 I have a super fun post to share with you today! (actually most of my content falls into that category 🤣) Roshni is going to be a guest poster on maggie's doodles today! *happy cheer* I'm a huge fan of her blogs - yeah! She's got two! First… Continue reading doodling the seasons ~ guest post by roshni!

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the art lover award!

Hello!! Today on maggie's doodles, I'm doing the Art Lover Award! 😄💕 thanks so much to Jehosheba for tagging me! This is gonna be a fun award to do on my blog - it fits very nicely with my content. *notices a pingback I'd forgotten about* Oh! Hattush tagged me for this too! 😂 thanks… Continue reading the art lover award!

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hello february! | blogging changes & updates

Hello! Today on maggie's doodles, I'm going to be welcoming February by chatting about my latest blog designs! I LOVE the pink theme I'm going with for this month 😀 ❤ well actually, the theme (Dara) is staying the same, but the customization and everything is pink... you get what I mean lol Click here… Continue reading hello february! | blogging changes & updates


the happy doodles: my new e-book series!

Hi!! I'm very excited to announce what I've been working on recently! 😀 ❤ I had the idea to create a series of doodles that are all about the little things in life. From fun moments to great experiences, to the positive interactions we have with others, I created doodles inspired by them all! With… Continue reading the happy doodles: my new e-book series!


christmas room tour!

Hello! You're reading the latest post on maggie's doodles. Welcome! I'm so glad you're here 😀 Today I'm giving you a tour of the Christmas decor in my room! I've been planning to do this post since December 1st. haha so I'm glad I get to talk about it with you today! I've already shared a recent… Continue reading christmas room tour!

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{doodlemas} day two – star

Hello! Welcome back to my blog! It's time for another #Doodlemas2020 doodle 😀 ❤ You can see all of my #Doodlemas2020 drawings by clicking here! festive quote: "Every time we love, every time we give, it's Christmas." - Dale Evans This is Shelley the star! She is very happy and has fun shining her light in… Continue reading {doodlemas} day two – star