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summer-y doodles! 😎 ~ collab with corrie!

Hey guys! Welcome back to maggie's doodles, the coooool place where I'll be sharing fun posts all summer long! 😂👏💕 I hope you love what you read here! So today I'm doing a collab with Corrie @ Miraculus Homeschool! She's a great blogger friend of mine who writes a vareity of awesome posts. 😄 She… Continue reading summer-y doodles! 😎 ~ collab with corrie!

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meet my three new stuffies! // ft. cuteness, glitteryness, and their favorite things!

Hi guys! I'm SO excited to get to introduce you to my new stuffies today! 😍💕 I got them recently and it was so fun to take pictures with them. The photoshoot turned out cutesy, adorable, and funny! You'll love it 😂👏 So let's get started! They're gonna introduce themselves to you one at a… Continue reading meet my three new stuffies! // ft. cuteness, glitteryness, and their favorite things!


caption that doodle ~ pt. 1! (fun new series!)

Hi guys! make sure you go check out the cool new series I’m doing on Out in the Randomness! 😄💕

Out in the Randomness...

Hiya Craxies! This is Maggie here, doing my very first post on OITR! 🥳💕💕 I hope you’ll love following this blog! I can’t wait to get started posting here.

Starting today, I’ll be doing a series on Wednesdays called caption that doodle! Ooh doesn’t that sound fun? 🤩❤️ So: what is it, and how does it work? I’ll share that with you in a moment!

By the way WE’RE ALMOST TO 100 FOLLOWERS EEEEE thank you! ✨

First, I want to say that this series was inspired in part by Roshni @ The Jolly Space! She’s done a cool meme series, and I thought it would be awesome to make a doodle version! So thanks for the inspo Roshni! 🥳 (ooh that’s the second party emoji I’ve used already today haha)

AND NOW! Let’s get to the very first caption that doodle!

Oh- I haven’t explained how it’s gonna…

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a pretty pink room tour ft. janet!

Helloooo my friends! It is I, Janet the jellyfish! 😍💞 When Maggie asked if I'd like to give a little tour of her new room, I said yes yes yes! 💕 so I think it's absolutely beautiful, and you're gonna love it when you see it. Maggie and I had a lot of fun taking… Continue reading a pretty pink room tour ft. janet!

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tundra & lindsey: how we met! {a stuffie story}

Hello! Today I'm so happy to get to introduce you to some new stuffie friends of mine! Their names are: Lindsey and Tundra! Here's the backstory: I got Lindsey recently because I love the color of her fur! (and also: squishmallows) Elizabeth got Tundra from our mom as a gift a few weeks ago! So… Continue reading tundra & lindsey: how we met! {a stuffie story}

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fashion show ~ collab with diamond!

Hello! Maggie here 😂 I wanted to pop on here for a moment to let you know that two little friends of mine are taking over my blog today! I hope you enjoy reading their post! 💕 Helloooo beautiful people of Maggie's blog! It is I, Janet the Jellyfish! 💕 I am SO excited to… Continue reading fashion show ~ collab with diamond!

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snapshots from my week | rose gold, sweets, & my birthday

Hi!! This is the latest post on maggie's doodles, the creative lifestyle site where I love to inspire others and have fun! 🌟💕 GUYS. Thank you sooooo much for the incredible birthday wishes and sweet comments on Saturday! 😭💓😍💖🎉💕 I'm still thinking about the doodle gift (they were all AMAZING!), the comment party (we got… Continue reading snapshots from my week | rose gold, sweets, & my birthday

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awesome thrift store finds! {pt. 4}

Hello! It's thrift store finds time here on maggie's doodles. Thanks for tuning in! 🤩💕 this is actually the last post featuring the cool items I found in early March. Hopefully I'm able to go again soon to continue this series, because I love it so much! Alright let's get to it! There's just something… Continue reading awesome thrift store finds! {pt. 4}

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doodle flops: when doodles don’t go as planned

Hi! Well... this post is gonna be hilarious! 😂 Today I introduce to you the ALL NEW SERIES ... doodle flops! The ultimate behind-the-scenes of my life as a doodler! 😂🎨💕 I want to give a big shoutout to Diamond for giving me the idea for this series! When I shared some doodle bloopers with… Continue reading doodle flops: when doodles don’t go as planned