doodling the seasons ~ guest post by roshni!

Hi! Welcome back to my blog 😍💕 I have a super fun post to share with you today! (actually most of my content falls into that category 🤣) Roshni is going to be a guest poster on maggie's doodles today! *happy cheer* I'm a huge fan of her blogs - yeah! She's got two! First… Continue reading doodling the seasons ~ guest post by roshni!

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blogging q&a collab ft. flora!

Hi! This is Maggie on maggie's doodles, and I'm so happy to welcome you back to my blog! 💕 I share posts on a variety of topics, from photography and doodles to personal stories, as well as book reviews and inspiration from my life! Thanks for sticking around 💜 Today I'm doing an awesome collaboration… Continue reading blogging q&a collab ft. flora!