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the single line story challenge

Hello! Welcome BACK to my blog 🤩 I'M SO EXCITEEEEEEEDDDD I came up with a super fun challenge today! So there are so many genres I never write in. Or have never written in at all. It inspired me to write a post with some short stories that are out of my usual writing style!… Continue reading the single line story challenge

inktober 2020

inktober 2020 recap! | podcast companion

Hello! Today I'm going to be doing something very different! 😀 ❤ I just finished making a podcast to be the narrative for this post! You can check it out HERE. Listen to it while you look through the slideshows below! I had fun chatting with you about #Inktober2020 ❤ To visit all of my… Continue reading inktober 2020 recap! | podcast companion