happy valentine’s day! // 2022

ellie decided to give her little sister amelia a surprise flower bouquet! amelia can't wait to help their mom transfer the flowers to a vase and have them in the house. in a little while, amelia's going to give ellie a valentine's day craft she made for her! she just has to have their mom… Continue reading happy valentine’s day! // 2022


happy groundhog day! // 2022

pete the groundhog has been hibernating for some months now. but this morning, it was time to wake up! he came out of his burrow, did some good stretching, and enjoyed the sunshine. and look! he didn't see his shadow on the ground! 😂 "turn your face to the sunand the shadows fall behind you"~… Continue reading happy groundhog day! // 2022


doodle lyrics // lover ~ taylor swift

Hello!! Welcome back to my blog 💕 A few people requested a Taylor Swift doodle lyrics post, so that's what I'm doing today! 😍 I hope you enjoy! Below you’ll find the song so you can listen to it while you check out the doodles!: (if you’re on mobile click here for the song) 💕 lovertaylor… Continue reading doodle lyrics // lover ~ taylor swift


doodle lyrics // fight song ~ rachel platten

Hey howdy hey! This is the second post in my doodle lyrics series, so I hope you really love it! 😍 Oh and to the people who requested me doodling a song by Olivia Rodrigo (Evin), One Direction (Evin & Sep), and Sabrina Carpenter (Diamond) - I'm workin' on 'em guys! Thanks for the suggestions… Continue reading doodle lyrics // fight song ~ rachel platten

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summer-y doodles! 😎 ~ collab with corrie!

Hey guys! Welcome back to maggie's doodles, the coooool place where I'll be sharing fun posts all summer long! 😂👏💕 I hope you love what you read here! So today I'm doing a collab with Corrie @ Miraculus Homeschool! She's a great blogger friend of mine who writes a vareity of awesome posts. 😄 She… Continue reading summer-y doodles! 😎 ~ collab with corrie!

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caption that doodle ~ pt. 1! (fun new series!)

Hi guys! make sure you go check out the cool new series I’m doing on Out in the Randomness! 😄💕

Out in the Randomness...

Hiya Craxies! This is Maggie here, doing my very first post on OITR! 🥳💕💕 I hope you’ll love following this blog! I can’t wait to get started posting here.

Starting today, I’ll be doing a series on Wednesdays called caption that doodle! Ooh doesn’t that sound fun? 🤩❤️ So: what is it, and how does it work? I’ll share that with you in a moment!

By the way WE’RE ALMOST TO 100 FOLLOWERS EEEEE thank you! ✨

First, I want to say that this series was inspired in part by Roshni @ The Jolly Space! She’s done a cool meme series, and I thought it would be awesome to make a doodle version! So thanks for the inspo Roshni! 🥳 (ooh that’s the second party emoji I’ve used already today haha)

AND NOW! Let’s get to the very first caption that doodle!

Oh- I haven’t explained how it’s gonna…

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awesome digital portrait reveal! ft. my best buddy’s editing skills ✨

Let's ignore the fact that I look like Mysterio in the featured image 😂👍💕 I just started a post with my Bitmoji! 😱😂 Hi guuuuys! Guess WHAT. I have something I'm SO excited to show you!! My wonderful blogging friend Evin offered to make a digital portrait for me! So I said sure! 💓 I… Continue reading awesome digital portrait reveal! ft. my best buddy’s editing skills ✨