the new year tag

hiya! welcome back to my blog 😍 recently the lovely flora made 'the new year tag'! it seems like the perfect tag to do in january, so i'll be writing about it today! flora is an amazing blogging friend of mine! i really enjoy reading her posts, and i love to go by her blog… Continue reading the new year tag


did I… do *any* of my 2021 goals?

hey guys! welcome back to maggie's doodles. 💛 for some reason i've really been wanting to write & share this post on january 3rd, so now that that day has come, here i am haha!! 😂 last year, i shared my 2021 goals via doodles! (this post) then i ✨ never looked at them again… Continue reading did I… do *any* of my 2021 goals?


maggie’s doodles 2021: wrap-up of the year 🌟

hey guys!! welcome back to maggie's doodles ✨ i've been trying to think of how to write this post for most of december haha, so here i am with a wrap-up! 🤩 ooh real quick: letters of stardust launches TOMORROW, and i shared my last podcast episode of the year this morning! you can listen… Continue reading maggie’s doodles 2021: wrap-up of the year 🌟


hello february! | blogging changes & updates

Hello! Today on maggie's doodles, I'm going to be welcoming February by chatting about my latest blog designs! I LOVE the pink theme I'm going with for this month 😀 ❤ well actually, the theme (Dara) is staying the same, but the customization and everything is pink... you get what I mean lol Click here… Continue reading hello february! | blogging changes & updates