summer ’22 😎💕

let’s dive in to this summer! 🐬

i’m hosting summer ’22: a collaborative seasonal event
where i share guest posts, collabs, and more!
click here to reach out to me
about joining the fun!

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post here!

summer ’22 vacation☀️//ft. museums, malls, and walks☁️
summer ’22// visiting a park, a lake + flower photography

post ideas:

  • pictures you took on a trip/vacation (you can add captions if you’d like!)
  • an art project you made
  • a poem, short story, or prose you wrote
  • summer aesthetics
  • inspo on how to have an awesome summer
  • pura vida haul (plz someone do this haha)
  • sticker-bombing your water bottle
  • summer photography
  • your summer OOTDs
  • funny summer stories (past or present)
  • your summer TBR or short book reviews
  • summer treats and food you made (wanna share some recipes?)