post series

I love writing post series and sharing them on maggie’s doodles! This page makes it easy to access all of them in alphabetical order. I’ve written about my personal experiences, interesting topics I’ve researched, my funny insight on things, and so much more!

Have an idea for a post series? Let me know about that here!

adventures in texture: the legendary saga in which I documented life without taste!

blog coaching with maggie: a comprehensive series featuring some of my best tips!

chemistry comedy: a hilarious short story series in which I personify the elements

let’s talk personality: the four-part series that breaks down personality theory + helps you learn more about yourself!

psychological first aid: a helpful series where I draw from my life experiences to help you live more freely!

relatable digital design artist problems: a 4-part series where I share my experience (and others’ experiences) with graphic design!

snapshots (and doodles!) from my week: a frequently-returning weekly wrap-up!

thrift store finds: a fun collection of awesome items I’ve spotted on thrift store shelves (ft. my funny commentary!)