snapshots from my week | watercolor, springtime, & creativity

Hi and welcome back! I actually had another post planned for today, but I needed more time to work on it. Because of that, I shifted stuff around, and now I’m back with another snapshots from my week post! 💕 The other post will be coming out on Thursday, which I’m sooo excited about 😍 […]

a photoshoot with baby yoda

Hello!! You’re reading the latest post on maggie’s doodles, the creative lifestyle blog where hilarity and inspiration abound! I hope this post finds you well 💛 I have a new photoshoot to share with you today! While shopping recently, I bought a Mandalorian playset for Samuel so that he and I can have fun playing […]

snapshots from my week | handlettering, shopping, & reading

Hi! Welcome back to maggie’s doodles 💕 today I’m going to do a post that’s quite different from what I usually do! Recently I’ve been watching vlogs, and I noticed something that typically sets vlogging apart from blogging. Vloggers will pick up their camera and film whatever’s happening throughout their day, which offers a really […]

izzy photography + a family update | how we’re all doing

Hello! ❤ In this post I’ll share some updates on how my family and I are doing. Then I’ll treat you to some cute photography I recently took with Izzy! 💖 For backstory, I got COVID-19 in the first week of February. Since then, the members of my family have all had it to some […]

a photoshoot with my snowy owl

Hello! I hope you’re doing well. ❤ Recently my mom bought me a new little friend! It’s a tiny snowy owl stuffed animal 😍🙌 She texted me a pic of it after buying it, and right when I saw it, I was like OOH I gotta do a photoshoot with this little owl! So, on […]


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