living the blogging life

Living the Blogging Life is a collaborative
website I run with my friends, where we share
blog tips and tricks with everyone!

I had the idea for this blog back in October 2020, and my friends helped make my dream a reality! We worked together, hosted a blog launch tour (you can read my part of that here!), and in the months since, we’ve had so much fun sharing our tips and advice. It’s a great resource for bloggers, both new and experienced ones, and I’m really happy to be part of it.

You can go read our latest posts here, and check out our Team page to meet all of the writers! We also have a free graphic design service, which you’re more than welcome to visit.

We accept guest post submissions! So if you have some tips to share, we’d love for you to help us out with this project. 🙂 and if you ever have any blogging questions, we’re one contact form away!

thanks for checking out
our collab blog!