autobiography: Made in Scotland – Billy Connolly
devotional: Limitless – Nick Vujicic
fantasy: The Hobbit – J.R.R. Tolkien
play: Hamlet – William Shakespeare
mystery: Death on The Nile – Agatha Christie
historical fiction: A Proper Pursuit – Lynn Austin

comedy drama: Quartet
comedy: Mrs. Doubtfire
action: Jurassic Park
romance: Sense & Sensibility
sci-fi: Independence Day
family movie: Monsters, Inc.
classic tv show: I Love Lucy
animated tv show: Spongebob

color: primrose
pattern: chevron
editing app: RookieCam
font: brusher-regular
hobby: blogging
photography style: nature + portraits
creative writing style: comedy + contemporary fiction
art style: watercolor

lemonade: Chick-fil-A lemonade
soda: Fanta piña colada
coffee: sugar + half & half
special coffee: caramel frappuccino
takeout: pizza
snack: porkchops almonds & apple sauce
lunch: chicken sandwich & SunChips

pop artist: Maroon 5
folk band: The Kings of Connaught
country singer: Hunter Hayes
worship band: Leeland
composer: Hans Zimmer
instrument: piano keyboard

thanks for reading!