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the single line story challenge

Hello! Welcome BACK to my blog 🤩 I'M SO EXCITEEEEEEEDDDD I came up with a super fun challenge today! So there are so many genres I never write in. Or have never written in at all. It inspired me to write a post with some short stories that are out of my usual writing style!… Continue reading the single line story challenge

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the sunshine blogger award ☀️

Hey there! Welcome back to my blog 💛 you're reading maggie's doodles, the cool site where you never know what's gonna show up in your Reader 😂 Today I'm doing The Sunshine Blogger Award! Fun fact: the featured image was gonna be yellow, but it ended up looking so horrible that it's now a turquoise-green.… Continue reading the sunshine blogger award ☀️

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the cookie lover award! 🍪

Hi guys!! Welcome back to maggie's doodles, the super cool creative blog where there are lots of fun and inspiring posts for you to enjoy! 💕 Today's post is completely inspired by my own idea 😂 (I guess that's what every post is about, but-) Let me explain: as an example in my blog ideas… Continue reading the cookie lover award! 🍪

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all things bookish | the bookworm’s tag + books I own but haven’t read (yet)!

Hey there!! 💜 welcome back to maggie's doodles! 🤩 I'm so happy to say that I've been tagged for a brand new book tag by none other than Jehosheba! 😍💙 she's a great blogging friend, and she's also the author of one of my all-time favorite book blogs! I couldn't recommend her blog more! On… Continue reading all things bookish | the bookworm’s tag + books I own but haven’t read (yet)!

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the art lover award!

Hello!! Today on maggie's doodles, I'm doing the Art Lover Award! 😄💕 thanks so much to Jehosheba for tagging me! This is gonna be a fun award to do on my blog - it fits very nicely with my content. *notices a pingback I'd forgotten about* Oh! Hattush tagged me for this too! 😂 thanks… Continue reading the art lover award!