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chemistry comedy : part three

Thanks for walking home with us. We're glad to have you," Calcium said cordially, with only a hint of obligation marking his tone. One of the newest kids in school - Boron from a few blocks over - was accompanying them through the neighborhood after school today. His muddy brown hair fell into his face… Continue reading chemistry comedy : part three

chemistry comedy, funny, post series

chemistry comedy : part two

Alright, which game are we playing?" Argon swung open his game cabinet, taking a step back to admire the multicolored boxes. His quiffed blond hair had violet highlights that were perfectly paired with his "save the planet" t-shirt. "Let's play something that promotes team work and creative thinking," Hydrogen said softly from her seat at… Continue reading chemistry comedy : part two

chemistry comedy, funny, post series

chemistry comedy : part one

Brushing her silver-neon green hair over one shoulder, Hydrogen carefully filed her nails one by one. She'd had the idea to style each nail into completely different shapes, a notion which appalled Argon and delighted Helium. Argon stared at her warily from across the table. "The simplest things intrigue you, don't they, Hyd?" "She asked… Continue reading chemistry comedy : part one