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relatable blogging moments // all-new series! 😍💜

hey guys!! welcome BACK to maggie's doodles ✨ btw if you're a new reader haha, i'm so glad you're here! this is my creative lifestyle site and i enjoy chatting about hobbies, inspiration, fun projects, and more 🤩 i came up with this series idea in... november or december! so i'm VERY excited to be… Continue reading relatable blogging moments // all-new series! 😍💜

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reviewing: clawbert!

hey guys! welcome back to maggie’s doodles! 💕 it's been a loooong time since i reviewed a phone app, so i'm continuing that series today! 😍👍✨ i’m reviewing a free cute game called clawbert 😎💖😂 (because cute games are the best games obviously!) this post isn’t sponsored… but BOY I WISH IT WAS 😍😍💖💖 reviewing:… Continue reading reviewing: clawbert!

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the grinning cowboy ~ under the stars 💜

hey guys!! so i KIND OF LOVE CHAD (my fictional cowboy man!) and while going through my phone notes, i found the short story i wrote about him! i started a second short story a while back 🌝 and i just finished it today! i hope you enjoy reading it, he’s like one of my… Continue reading the grinning cowboy ~ under the stars 💜


did I… do *any* of my 2021 goals?

hey guys! welcome back to maggie's doodles. 💛 for some reason i've really been wanting to write & share this post on january 3rd, so now that that day has come, here i am haha!! 😂 last year, i shared my 2021 goals via doodles! (this post) then i ✨ never looked at them again… Continue reading did I… do *any* of my 2021 goals?

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what I got for christmas! || 2021 💕

hiya!! it's maggie here, bringing you one more christmas post before it's too late. 😂 today I'm showing you what I got for christmas!! so this one's an unintentional gift lol! josh already got a pop socket for his birthday the day before, so when he got this on christmas he was like hey maggie,… Continue reading what I got for christmas! || 2021 💕

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get yourself ready for 2022!

hey there!! welcome back to maggie's doodles 💓 I don't know about you, but I'm having a lot of fun making new year plans! 😍 thinking about the upcoming months and making goals, big and small, is fun and exciting. getting to check things off my mental and paper to do lists (😂) feels SO… Continue reading get yourself ready for 2022!

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mortimer rates our christmas decor!

Since Christmas is almost here,I bring you more festive cheer! 🎄 Hi guys! This is a real quick introduction because Mortimer (my squishmallow Christmas mouse 😂❤️) is going to take over for this post! I hope you enjoy!! mortimer rates ourchristas decor! Hey guys!! I’m Mortimer the Mouse! But you can call me Morty 😄… Continue reading mortimer rates our christmas decor!

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reacting to blogmas redesigns! {new podcast episode}

I love surprisingmy buddies! 😂❤💚 Hey guys! Welcome back to Maggie's Doodles ✨ I thought it would be really fun to react to you guys' Blogmas redesigns! 😍 I've done something similar like this on my podcast before (where I surprised you with blog reviews), so this is the festive version of that haha! How… Continue reading reacting to blogmas redesigns! {new podcast episode}