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short stories of fall: collab with diamond! 😍🍂

Hey guys!! Welcome back to Maggie's Doodles! Today I'm collabing with the incredible Diamond 😎 We've done multiple collaborations together, including translating French lyrics and making doodles with our stuffies! She's so creative and I love writing posts with her. Today we sent each other a couple of fall-themed images and we're writing stories based… Continue reading short stories of fall: collab with diamond! 😍🍂

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summer poem exchange with D and Maggie!

{Artwork by me, incredible poetry by D!} Across these fields of velvety green,Gleaming in the day’s golden glow,Gay steps do I takeWith a gleeful heart and hearty laughter.For when the sun departs,At home shall I arriveWith ruby-red flowersAnd emerald berries,That fuel this child’s prayers forA wondrous beginning or two. I ride a whisper home,A whispered… Continue reading summer poem exchange with D and Maggie!

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summer ‘22 || the lifeguard on the beach 🛟

a short story The sun. It’s baking into my skin. I take a deep breath, roll my neck. What’s the alternative? At least I’m protected from the sun. The lifeguard stand creaks a little as I readjust myself. Boy, is it a hot day. I squint at the swimmers, asking myself for them why they’d… Continue reading summer ‘22 || the lifeguard on the beach 🛟

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maggie’s freebies | ((nature lockscreens!)) 😍🌿💕

Hi all! Welcome back to Maggie’s Doodles 🦭 (cute recent emoji alert haha) To celebrate 555 posts on my blog 🥳 (jk, but I just noticed I have this epic number of posts!), I thought it would be so fun to start a freebies series! I make a lot of digital art, take lots of… Continue reading maggie’s freebies | ((nature lockscreens!)) 😍🌿💕

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reviewing maggie’s hoodies! 💕✨ ft. minnie, pinky, & piper 😍

hi guys!! pinky here with my friends minnie and piper! we’re gonna review maggie’s hoodies today 😍👌✨ she recently got some new ones and we thought it’d be fun to chat about their cozy beauty! minnie: yes! fashion is so fun and maggie’s wardrobe is da BEST piper: ohh yeahhh! and reviewing is epic too!… Continue reading reviewing maggie’s hoodies! 💕✨ ft. minnie, pinky, & piper 😍

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the “what’s your wip?” tag 🤎

hi guys!! welcome back to maggie's doodles. so i found the "what's your wip?" tag on bree's blog and i knew i HAD to write about it! thanks for the open nomination, bree 😄 it's actually because of this tag that i really began brainstorming for my novel 'the grinning cowboy'! up until this point,… Continue reading the “what’s your wip?” tag 🤎

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if aesthetics were people ✨😂

wanna see what these aesthetics look like?check out the corresponding collagesin this post! “Good morning, ladies,” said a sleepy voice. Muted came around the corner, cradling matcha tea against her dusty rose bathrobe. She joined the others, who were all seated on the back porch of a mountain resort. “I’m so glad you joined us,”… Continue reading if aesthetics were people ✨😂

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find your aesthetic! || part 1 ✨

hi guys! welcome back to maggie's doodles 😍 today's post is a continuation of this post i wrote on creating your own aesthetic + this is the beginning of a new series! find your aesthetic is a collage-focused series where i spotlight popular aesthetics! we can chat about our favorites, discover new ones, and more!… Continue reading find your aesthetic! || part 1 ✨