Hello! This is where you can learn a little bit more about me through some really fun doodles ❤

I’m an ambivert, equally enjoying moments of solitude and times with friends! One of my favorite solo activities is reading books. I enjoy a book that has a great cast of characters, an intriguing plot, a balance of description and dialogue, and the ability to teach me something I hadn’t previously understood or considered.

I’m the oldest of five kids, so I often spend time playing with my younger siblings! Elizabeth and Izzy have fun when I roleplay and play pretend with toys with them, and Samuel and I enjoy listening to music and playing video games.

Photography is one of my favorite ways to be creative! Using my phone camera, you’ll often find me taking pictures of nature, pics of my siblings (usually having fun outside), and little photoshoots for blog posts. I also love editing, so I’ll get creative with pics and add filters, apply text & stickers, and more! When I no longer need to access certain pics on my phone, I enjoy transfering my favorites to a USB drive to print later. (Organization is a fave hobby of mine!)

One of the defining characteristics about my personality is my love for music! I adore songs that inspire me and motivate me to dance and sing along. The Greatest Showman soundtrack has been on repeat lately, and I also think it’s a lot of fun to take the melodies of songs I know and come up with new, funny lyrics!

I love being physically active, and my favorite way to work out at the moment is by doing yoga! I’ve really enjoyed this yoga workout of Denise Austin’s and it has greatly improved my overall flexibility and reduced the joint discomfort I used to have.

For years I have loved blogging! I started this blog in August 2020 (it was called Chickadee Lover Maggie then), and its new name is maggie’s doodles! Here I have shared posts encompassing my wide range of interests, from photography and doodling, to book reviews and inspirational articles. There’s a little something for everyone to enjoy reading!

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this page was last updated on January 4, 2020