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hello!! i’m so glad you’re here! i’m maggie, the creator and writer of this blog. 💕 i’m 21 years old, live in the state of georgia, and am the oldest of five siblings! i enjoy blogging, organization, and learning new things. creativity & positive progress are consistently my main focuses in life. it brings me such joy to help others, heal from the past, and make my dreams come true.

i love pastel colors, watercolor paintings, and holographic designs! it’s so fun to make digital art, do photography on my iphone xr, and make various projects on canva and with my sharpies.

when i was a tween & teenager, i dreamed of making online friendships that were special, being part of fun creative endeavors, and getting to make fun memories. that happened so infrequently that it became a passion of mine as a young adult to make that come true for my friends! i adore creating blogging, being supportive, and hosting fun projects.

i love french pop, irish pop, and indie/folk music! i can play the piano keyboard, adore singing immensely, and i always have a song playing in my head. i enjoy watching comedy movies, some action/adventure films, and sitcoms/docs are amazing too.

i started maggie’s doodles (then called chickadee lover maggie) in august 2020! my fave posts to share are inspirational, photography, doodles, blogging stories/tips, interests, and fun events + projects.

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