about 💖

hi!! i’m maggie! i’m a 22 year old girl who loves people, sunshine, and creativity.

  • i’m the oldest of five siblings!
  • i work at chick-fil-a
  • i’ve been blogging since i was 10
  • pink & mint are my favorite colors
  • i love pop, inspiring music, and scottish pop!
  • i love to laugh and sing
  • i love cute tiny things!
  • i’m a photographer
  • i love design

maggie’s doodles is a creative lifestyle site! it’s my main blog. i share doodles, photography, inspiration, funny things, creative projects, and more. the blog goal is to bring sunshine to your life!

the jolly space is a really fun inspirational platform! i help roshni, the creator, run it. we share life motivation, creative advice, and more there.

letters of stardust is a mental health project! it provides a judgement-free space for writers to submit open letters anonymously.

out in the randomness is a fun group blog! each month, we share funny content, inspirational bits, group projects, and more.

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