snapshots from my week | trip prep, sisters, and gaming

Hey guys! Welcome back to Maggie’s Doodles! This week, we continued getting ready for our trip to Gatlinburg (eee!). We also got over our cold and spent time doing fun things together. I can’t believe we’re already halfway through the month!

I found this mug at Goodwill and REALLY wanted to get it! But it had a chipped lip… and I couldn’t find any lookalikes online.

Elizabeth lost a tooth! 🥳 She was brave and I was so happy for her.

I did a sisters photoshoot with Elizabeth and Izzy! I took like 60+ photos, so here are the highlights haha

I love this one!! 😍

These up-close portraits were tricky! But I had fun finding ways to get them to smile!

Their smiles 🤩

This is probably the most patriotic picture I’ve ever taken in my life 🥹❤

My goal was to capture the flag (lol) in the reflection of my glasses, and it kind of worked!

This is like the only red object I like photographing! Because it’s so pretty!

I found teeny purple flowers in our yard!

There’s a trend now: my just-got-home-from-wkork hair is amazing!

There have been so many deer in our backyard lately!

Since car washes are so expensive lol, I’m gonna wash my car with Samuel and the girls a couple times a month from home! We had a lot of fun with it!

Thanks guys! ❤

Last but not least, I read this amazing testimony of a Vietnam soldier and I loved it! I’m currently going back over it and letting the parts that stood out to me sink in. It’s an incredible read.

Thanks for reading, guys! Pretty soon I want to share some more #TripToGatlinburg posts and chat about what I’ve been doing with my siblings! So be on the lookout for those posts!

Oh I just realized gaming is in the title, but I didn’t share what it was referencing 😂 I played a bunch of Roblox games with Samuel this week! I’ve really enjoyed that because he and I have gotten closer and have a better relationship since we have something we enjoy doing together. ❤

What did you do this week?
Which pic/s were your fave?

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