snapshots from my week | samuel’s birthday, slappy, and late nights

Hey guys! Happy Monday! (I just realized it doesn’t feel like Monday to me tho haha)

To recap what I’ve been up to recently: being excited for Gatlinburg, picking up hours at work to get more money, saving money for Gatlinburg, getting over a cold (most of my family got it too), and being excited for fall coming! 🧡

I can’t remember the last Snapshots I did… I think it’s been a few weeks! So I’m gonna share some highlights from the end of August all the way up to yesterday. I hope y’all enjoy 😍

(By the way, the bracelet giveaway is now closed! The winner is… REAGAN!!! Congrats! Liz will be in contact with you soon!)

Ok THE SKY THO!! It’s purple and pink oh mai goodness ❤

The amount of intense storms and little pop-up showers has been crazy haha

THIS MOTH~ one of my coworkers spotted it on the wall and I had to photograph it! It’s a beautiful shade of soft green.

Didn’t know this one was blurry lol, but here I am hanging out with Samuel!

And little Izzy!

I didn’t realize when I took it that this pic’s perfect for Labor Day! The clouds are just gorgeous, and I really like how the flag looks as well. (Btw when I captured that photo, I was on my way to take a bathroom break haha)

I’ve been giving Samuel drawing lessons, and he asked if I’d draw Slappy! It actually turned out way better than I thought it was going to – his eyes are aligned and the shading’s pretty good! I wanna draw him again haha (if you didn’t know, I love the Goosebumps movies! I’m excited to watch them again for Halloween 🎃)

I was thinking about including this in the title, haha! It’s UniChad!

Samuel had red velvet cupcakes for his birthday!

Happy 11th birthday, Samuel! 🥳 I took him out to get donuts and yummy drinks!

I love watching home videos! Here, we were watching some of my still animation vids from 2010 😂 iconic

Soo my manager let me be the lead closer last weekend! He put me in charge of designating the other closers on certain positions, asking different team members to stock and clean different areas, and oversee final closing. I got out past 11, but it was a great learning experience!

Nothing quite like taking selfies at midnight because your hair’s being mighty fine for no reason 😂

I love taking good hair day selfies!

Thanks for reading!
What did you do last week?
Which pic/s were your fave?

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