summer ’22 // bracelet haul ft. a GIVEAWAY! {closed}

{this is a guest post by none other than
liz from above the clouds!}

Hello my friends!! My name is Liz and I am pleased to present to you… 

*drumroll please*

Maggie’s SUMMER ‘22 SERIES!!

But before we get to that let me introduce myself. You already know my name, but I’m also a writer (mostly fantasy), a Christian (most important fact), and I have a blog titled Letters and Literature (where I post book reviews and stories). However, I also own an Etsy shop!! 

Above by Liz is a shop designed to spread bits of joy by simple and fun things like bracelets. I currently sell 12 different bracelets (but you get a sneak peak of a new one!!) and I’m working on more. Most of my bracelets are personalized for the customer. It’s such a blessing for me to see how people are impacted just by receiving a handwritten note and their order. 

Let’s begin with our bracelet haul!!

Bracelet Haul

  1. Beaded Spaced Bracelet

I’m going to say one thing: the WATERMELON COLORS!! 

  1. Crisscross Bracelet 

I think I just like how the colors blend with the pattern. It’s a really cool effect that I find myself studying when I’m bored.

  1. Two Color Spaced Bracelet

Favorite bracelet alert!! I wear this one 24/7. 

  1. Morse Code Bracelet 

This is definitely one of my most popular bracelets (and it’s my second favorite)!! It’s such a nice reminder to just look down at your wrist and see the word (mine says “trust”) written on it, not to mention how cute it is. 

  1. Daisy Chain Bracelet 

Here we have my newest bracelet (and not yet released). This one is so fun to make and, again, makes such a cute accessory. My favorite part? It fits any season depending on the color of the flowers. 


The daisy chain bracelet you just saw above is going to one of you. That’s right, it’s giveaway time!!

❀ To enter:

Follow Maggie’s Doodles
Follow my Etsy shop, Above by Liz
Fill out this form

Extra entries:

x3 buy a product
x3 write a review
x2 share with a friend
x1 like Etsy products

**If you are under the age of 18 please get parental permission, if won this requires giving out your address.
Giveaway open to US residents only

Giveaway is open now (August 27th 8:00 AM EST) to September 6th 8:00 AM EST!

That’s all I have for you today!! I hope you enjoyed this post. 

Thank you Maggie for allowing me to do this post. Even if you aren’t entering the giveaway, give her blog a follow, you will not regret it. 😉

{From Maggie: Thanks for reading, guys! I hope you love entering this giveaway! Liz’s bracelets are SO cool and I’m so excited to get to host this! 😍}

In the comments:
What’s your favorite form of jewelry (bracelets, rings, etc.)?
Did you enter the giveaway?
If you had the morse code bracelet what word would be on it?

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