{summer doodle series} = week 4 prompts 🎑 {finale!}

Hi guys! Welcome back to Maggie’s Doodles!

Guess whaaaaat! It’s time to wrap up my Summer Doodle Series!

I had a lot of fun making the doodles for all these prompts. I hope you guys enjoyed it, too! Many of them were inspired by/based on illustrations I found online, because I wanted to learn how to doodle some new things for this series. I made it a little challenging while also keeping my usual doodle style!

Here’s to all the upcoming doodle series and events I have ideas for! 😎 tehe

week 4 prompts 🎑

I think I used one of the same Sharpies from another week because I discovered most of my ultra fine Sharpies are kinda ugly colored? Oh and the sizing for these doodles is all over the place (e.g. the cat is the same size as the Ferris wheel~) but I’m sure it’s fine πŸ˜‚

I managed to fit the last 9 prompts onto one page! I didn’t know if they’d be too squeeshed but they’re not

Day 22 is colourful! I drew a little girl painting, which… when you draw with a black Sharpie, there are no colors. But you can imagine haha

I made a milkshake for Day 23! I roughly drew the design of our cups at Chick-fil-A. It kinda looks like it. Then I drew a lazy cat for Day 24’s prompt! I think he turned out SO cute ❀

Day 25 is my town, and I made a cute downtown not really inspired by mine. Sharing my life online is a constant state of maintain privacy and share personal details πŸ˜‚ Day 26 is lighthouse, and I really like how it turned out! It has inspired me to draw more lighthouse designs because they’re fun to make.

The last one on this part of the page is fireflies for Day 27. They almost look like blind drawings haha- I was trying to make them cute, but they look a bit sloppy!

Day 28 is memories! So I doodled pictures someone took of a sunset over the ocean and… two people, I think. It got so small I can’t tell lol. Day 29 is summer fair, so I drew a Ferris wheel! And a circus tent or something. I think that’s my first time drawing a fair!

Lastly~ we have together for Day 30. ❀ Two little buddies are hugging!

That’s a wrap, folks!
Thanks for reading!
Which doodle was your favorite
in this series?

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