{summer doodle series} = week 3 prompts πŸŒ΄

Hi buddies! Welcome back to Maggie’s Doodles! On this legendary Friday (jk lol), we’re gonna see more doodles for my Summer Doodle Series. We only have one more week after this! (The final one will have more doodles for the 10 final days in August lol)

If you wanna join me in this series, I’d love that! Click here for the list of prompts.

week 3 prompts 🌴

Leo’s quickly becoming one of my favorite stuffed animals eee

I realize now it looks like my Sharpie choice was inspired by the watermelon lol, but it actually wasn’t! It’s cute how that worked out xD

How cute is the countryside for Day 15! I’ve been working on my hills recently (that sounds weird~), and I like how this little farmyard worked out. Day 16 is event, so of course I went with a summer concert! It was really interesting drawing the audience and the dimension of the stage.

I realize now my BBQ for Day 17 looks nothing like a barbeque, haha! I’m sorry. It looked better in my head. Day 18 was pretty simple – I drew a watermelon and a few slices, which I guess are from another watermelon? Since the whole one hasn’t been cut yet? Anyway lol

Day 19 was travel~ and I almost never draw bikes I like. This one included, lol. I drew a summer outfit for Day 20! It’s pretty cute, and a little quirky haha. Lastly! We have a kiwi for Day 21! Pretty sure the prompt meant the fruit, but I’m here to bend the rules 🀩 haha (Niall Horan reference anyone?)

Thanks for reading!
Which doodle was your favorite?
Are you enjoying this series?

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