snapshots from my week | storm clouds, little pusheen, and self-testing

(Totally didn’t overfilter the featured image 😌✌️😂)

Hi buddies! Welcome back to Maggie’s Doodles. Are you ready to see my week? Let’s go!

I LOVE how this pic turned out! I used it in my featured image for this post 😎

I had to take a pic of this LOL doll dress as soon as I saw it! I love the little cutie emojis!

Took this the same night as the wee moon pic! The colors in the sky were weird/awesome!


LITTLE PUSHEEN!! Oh my gush, I bought this for Izzy but I love staring at it eeeee

I had to capture this moment, haha! My hair tie looked like a heart on my desk! 🖤

I… love this pic. 🥹 Not only can you see the epic storm to the left and the calm skies to the right, the composition for both liNES IS PERFECT AH

I had Samuel pose with this punching man, haha! Am I the only one who thinks it’s weird to have a punching man as part of your home gym…?

So! Joshua got COVID. (He’s good now, his symptoms lasted a couple days, then he had a cough.) My work gave me a home test because they’d only want me to work if I tested negative. I tested negative! So that was good but then I started showing symptoms a few days later. Hah…

Is it a cold? Is it COVID? I don’t know. But I’m on day 4 now and I’ve had a bad scratchy throat, some fatigue, and some congestion! So I’m doing fine:D

I’ve been taking care of Izzy for the past few days! She’s had a fever and hasn’t been feeling great:( But she was a little bit better yesterday! ❤

Well this guy’s massively disturbing, lol! The girls have been having fun building with Legos recently, and I’ve mainly made silly characters haha

I painted with Samuel and the girls yesterday! I loved mixing the paint!

Thanks for reading!
What did you do last week?

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