10 reasons why I love working nights! 🌙💕

Hallo! Welcome back to Maggie’s Doodles. As soon as I got my car, I started working nights instead of day shifts! I’ve been dreaming about it for a while (changing my availability), and now my dream’s come true 😂 There are even more perks than I realized!

I wanted to share those benefits with you because I enjoy it so much. Let’s go!

10 reasons why I love working nights! 🌙💕

1. When I get home, I get to go to sleep! It’s incredible to get off, chat with my family, then get ready for bed! Getting to put my feet up and crash is just perfect 😎

2. I’m getting to work with people I used to only see a little bit! I’m getting to spend hours with them now instead of like 30 minutes, lol! I’ve loved getting to know them better and create more friendships.

3. We get to hang out and have fun! For the most part, evenings are relaxed. It leaves a lot of time to chat, joke around, and be silly! We’re like one big extended family 😂💕

4. I’ve grown closer to different people! I’m more compatible with them as a team now since I spend more time with them. Things flow a lot more smoothly when you’re all on the same page!

5. I get to work when it’s cooler! The heat of the day has usually already come and gone by the time I start my shift, which is amazing!

6. My break ends up being my dinner! I eat lunch before I go, then have my break food at a pretty normal dinner time. My metabolism is much more balanced out now since I eat at more normal times!

7. I get the whole morning + some of the afternoon every day I work to do other stuff! So a lot of times, it won’t even feel like I work that day! There are hours to do other stuff 😄

8. I’m not as scared of the dark! I’m still cautious when being outside at night by myself, but my long-standing fear of the dark isn’t as bad now!

9. I’m learning how to close! There have been a few learning curves, but learning pre-closing duties and how to clean up and stock areas for the next morning shift has been nice.

10. I get to help break records! We’ll have different goals for rushes, and it’s been exciting to help break different ones! We all got free milkshakes recently – I got a cookies and cream with extra cookie 😍

Thanks so much for reading!
What do you like about your job?

12 thoughts on “10 reasons why I love working nights! 🌙💕”

    1. Yes! I’m really thankful I can work night shift now 😊💕 The latest I work is to 11 on the weekends since we’re open an hour later (until 10). Most of my night shifts are where I get off at 9 PM though


  1. I also love working in night whatever I’m doing including my studies or anything but my parents don’t allow me to study late night as it’s not good for my health.

    I just don’t like studying In morning or afternoon.

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