{summer doodle series} = week 2 prompts ðŸŒ¼

Hello friends! Welcome back to Maggie’s Doodles! Today we’re continuing my Summer Doodle Series. If you wanna join me, I’d totally love that! You can go here for the list of prompts.

week 2 prompts 🌼

I love Leo, haha! He’s so cute!

I chose different colored markers for the prompts this week 😄

For Day 8, we have a picnic! I used a reference for the picnic basket, then drew the rest. The depth is a little off, but I still like it haha. Day 9 is pool! The flamingo turned out pretty cute, and of course the sunglasses are adorable.

Palm tree is the prompt for Day 10! Aside from one… bough? Branch? Leaves?… that I messed up, I really like it! Then Day 11 is shells, and those turned out cute (thanks to a reference 😉 ). I love the conch shell!!

For Day 13, we have adventure! I drew someone parasailing and I LOVE it. Lastly, Day 14 is a sea creature! I drew a wee eel (that doesn’t sound right haha) and he’s so cute! The thing on top of his head is supposed to be a fin, but instead he looks like a unicorn haha. (And… eelicorn? Ok I’ll stop) We should name him!

Thanks so much for reading!

Which doodle was your favorite?
Are you enjoying this series?

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