doodle lyrics {full song edition!} // world’s smallest violin ~ AJR

12 thoughts on “doodle lyrics {full song edition!} // world’s smallest violin ~ AJR”

  1. Hey guys! Thanks SO much for reading!! I hope you loved this as much as I did!
    Here’s a bit of a behind-the-post:
    1. My inspiration for doodling this song was actually a misheard lyric, lol! I thought he said “I kinda feel like two things can be sad.” He said ‘said,’ according to the lyrics. Either way haha, it’s true!
    2. There are a few mistakes in the doodles, from some minor edit bloopers to where I wrote ‘don’t’ instead of ‘do not.’
    4. I ‘cleaned’ the lyrics: ‘probs,’ ‘unsweet tea’ (haha – have you ever smelled unsweet tea?), and ‘taping’ instead of something else. I got creative!
    This was incredibly fun and totally worth the couple of hours I poured into this project!

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  2. This is SO cool! I’ve never heard this song but it looks pretty cool and I can tell how much detail you put into this post – it’s insane! Loved this!


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