snapshots from my week | purple clouds, bike rides, and cash money

Hey guys! Welcome back to Maggie’s Doodles. When I was titling this post, I accidentally typed ‘werk’ instead of ‘week,’ haha! And it’s actually quite accurate! I worked five days in a row last week, which ended up being incredible! I spent every afternoon and night with my friends, saved up more money after buying my car, and got to be productive Monday-Friday! It couldn’t have gone better, and I really enjoyed it.

Since I’m working nights now, I get to do all the things I’d like to do during the day! Here’s some of those highlights below(:

snapshots from my week

I freehanded a toucan, and he turned out so CUTE, lol!! I wanna make a comic strip with him now! Terry the timid toucan!

I went biking with Joshua! We just barely fit it into one morning before I had to be at work that afternoon, haha. It was fun!

I found a type of myrtle tree! The flowers are more pink IRL – the filter made them more muted

I’m never gonna get tired of taking pics of flowers, stuffies, and the sky haha

I got grilled nuggets for my break food one afternoon! They’re pretty good with ranch!

When I got home from work one night, Izzy and Elizabeth showed me how they’d dressed up my stuffies! Elizabeth said Minty and Pinky were the bride and groom haha

Post-work selfie!

The sunset on Friday was GORGEOUS!! Oh my goodness! I took as many pics as I could, haha. This pic and the next one don’t have a filter! You can’t really tell, but the clouds were legit purple.

Okay you can see the purple in this photo! (ft. someone’s SUV haha)

Thanks so much for reading!

Which pic/s are your fave?
What did you do last week?

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