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cute doodle prompts! ~ collab with Meera! ๐Ÿ’•

Hello everybody! Wow, this post is so pink already, haha. I have another collab for you today! I love that I’ve gotten to collaborate a bunch recently – it’s amazing to work with you guys and see your epic creativity!

Today’s collab is with Meera! She’s a very nice blogger I met recently, and I enjoy her blog a lot! One post of hers that stood out to me was her art tips post. It was so helpful!

Meera reached out to see if I’d like to collab, and I said yes! She suggested we exchange doodle prompts and share the doodley (haha) results in our posts! So let’s see what doodles I created from her prompts!


Ok I did not like how this doodle started out- I drew the horizon, sun, and clouds and was like… wow these clouds look like Pig-Pen’s dust clouds, bahaha! But then I had the idea to add the rays of sun shining through the clouds, and it became BEAUTIFUL! It looks different than my usual doodle style, and I adore it!

Digital art-

I wasn’t sure how to doodle… digital art? Hah but then I thought about how recently, I wanted to make a featured image with little Polaroid photographs (I kind of accomplished this for this post’s featured image), so I drew those teeny pics! They’re very simple and aesthetic.


These don’t really stand out to me as being very impressive or different heh, and I had hoped to achieve that. I used a Google illustration for reference and they turned out alright!


This bookshelf is eh~ but the colors turned out very pretty! I like the added touch of the ‘words’ on the spines.


I had no idea how to doodle this either, so I looked up ‘small aesthetic illustrations’ on Google lol and a Mickey Mouse balloon was one of them! It’s been years since I drew the mouse ears and I forgot how to draw it for the middle one, haha. Ignore the goofy right ear! Then I drew the one on the left almost perfectly by drawing the ‘face’ first, then spacing the ears pretty evenly. The right one got smushed because I didn’t want it too close to the edge of the paper, so let’s just pretend it’s turned sideways lol

Thanks so much for reading! Definitely stop by Meera’s blog to see what she came up with for the prompts I gave her!

Which doodle is your favorite?
What are some things you struggle to draw?
(I be struggling with birds lol)

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