summer ’22 // 💘 summer aesthetics ~ {a guest post by sateja!}

hi there! i’m sateja and i am so excited to be guest-posting on here today! this post is for maggie’s series, Summer ’22! i have loved seeing this series and it’s so crazy i get to be a part of it. thank you so much for having me, maggie:)

summer aesthetics⋆。゚☁︎。⋆。 ゚☾ ゚。⋆

i love looking at pictures of aesthetic beaches! i really wish i could take photos like this, but 1) i’m not great at taking photos at all. 2) people are always in the way lol so pinterest is great for finding photos like this!

ahhh flowers are always so pretty. i love looking at flowers. i wish i was responsible enough to be able to take care of one myself, but sadly.. i’m not. but it’s okay, because we have this collage instead!

i love how most of this is pink! but anyway, summer food is so aesthetic. i love looking at picnic aesthetic photos, and just in general these photos are so pretty.

i feel like photos of nail designs are always so pretty! i love wavy designs on nails, but also just how acrylic nails look in general. i’ve never got acrylics, but they sound so good when you tap them against something! also they’re so pretty. I love summer nail designs because they’re always super bright and colourful!

thank you so much to maggie for having me today! i had such a fun time coming up with these collages, and i hope you liked them:)

Thanks so much for reading Sateja’s post! I LOVED seeing what she came up with for these collages – they’re all so beautiful!!! I’m not even sure I can pick a favorite, but I really love the beach one!

Which collage/s are your favorite?
Make sure to visit Sateja’s beautiful blog!

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