lyric-inspired collages! {collab with kaashvi πŸŽ΅}

Hey guys! Today I’m doing a collab with Kaashvi! We’ve created lyric-inspired collages. I can’t wait to see what she’s come up with, and to tell you about the inspiration behind mine! Click here to read her post.

Also does anyone else’s block editor look different while writing posts? It’s distracting me because it’s now a different editing font that I don’t like, haha

I selected all of my songs pretty much at random! I thought of different artists I enjoy listening to, and picked the first songs of theirs I could envision as a collage hehe

Anyone else love this song of Niall’s? Arms of a Stranger is a poetic, breakup-type song! It feels very crisp and thoughtful to me, which I think I managed to reflect in this collage. I wasn’t a huge fan of the crowd photo at the bottom, because it’s of the World Trade Center, and I would’ve rather gone with a photo from a less heavy location.

When I was on my knees in the darkness
Yeah, you’d be there to break my fall
But now I’m lying here so helpless
But somehow I just still want more

This ended up being more of a moodboard than a collage, haha! The song Beau-papa by Vianney is one of the most incredible songs I’ve ever heard. I thought it was a love song at first, and it kind of is, but not a romantic relationship. I cried the first time I read the English translation.

Et si l’averse nous touche, toi et moi
On la traverse Γ  deux, Γ  trois
Et si l’averse nous touche, toi et moi
Prends ma main de beau-papa

You ever listen to an album by a favorite singer of yours, and it takes you a while to get around to the last 2-3 songs on the album? This is one of those songs for me, haha! Preacher by Hunter Hayes, from his album Wild Blue, is a great song that’s really pleasing to listen to. It’s sweet and a bit sad. It’s like the slightly more hopeful version of What If I Do, another song from the same album.

I am the puzzle, you are the pieces,
I am the question, you are the reason,
You are the truth, I can believe it
As easy as breathing

Thanks so much for reading!
Which collage was your favorite?
Have you ever made music-inspired collages?
Make sure to go by Kaashvi’s post!

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