snapshots from my week | sunrises, smiles, and turtle earrings

Enjoy this week’s

I bought these cute decals from this Etsy shop! I really like them but I struggled with applying them. I used my little library card keychain instead of a credit card like the instructions said lol, maybe it was my fault. xD

I couldn’t get the best image of the decals, since most of the angles made it where you can’t read the quote.

I probably shouldn’t share this xD but oh well! Here’s a peek at my sense of humor

I love my little sisters! I’ve really been enjoying spending a bunch of time with them recently. Working nights has made it where I get more time at home with them when I have energy!

Silly selfie!

Leo’s riding on Lena’s back! I think one of the girls set this up, I found them like this one day haha

I loooove sunrises! It’s one of the biggest perks working mornings!

Driving myself to work is soooo freeing! I’m really enjoying the freedom and experience.

I love helping my family build puzzles! We finished this beach one and now we’re working on a Disney park one.

Elizabeth got her first earrings! They’re teeny clip-on turtles 😊

Which pic/s were your fave?
What did you do last week?

15 thoughts on “snapshots from my week | sunrises, smiles, and turtle earrings”

  1. ooh, the car decor looks great! haha taking a photo of a mirror is a real struggle. have you looked up ‘people trying to sell mirrors ‘? it’s so funny😂
    ooh, how do you always get the best sunrise photos??! I could never-
    your siblings are so cute! I hope you’re all doing well💕💓

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