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summer poem exchange with D and Maggie!

{Artwork by me, incredible poetry by D!}

Across these fields of velvety green,
Gleaming in the day’s golden glow,
Gay steps do I take
With a gleeful heart and hearty laughter.

For when the sun departs,
At home shall I arrive
With ruby-red flowers
And emerald berries,
That fuel this child’s prayers for
A wondrous beginning or two.

I ride a whisper home,
A whispered prayer and laugh
Do I keep close to my heart
Away from all grief and pain-

On these wisps of hope
I sent my prayers soaring
Against the heavenly tapestry,
And –
Watch as my whispers find
Their home among the angels
Away from all grief and pain.

Hi everyone! Thank you so much for reading! I loved doing this collab with D 😍 She’s an incredible poet!

I really enjoyed reading the poems she wrote for my doodles – they matched them so well and gave them deeper meaning! The little sun divider is by her, too.

If you want to collab with me, please reach out here! And don’t forget to go by D’s blog to read the poems I wrote for her illustrations!

Which doodle was your favorite?
Which poem of D’s did you like the most?

9 thoughts on “summer poem exchange with D and Maggie!”

    1. Aw it makes me so happy to hear that! It’s a comforting thought to go away to a world without grief and pain.
      I absolutely agree!
      Thank you so so much, Moksha!❤️


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