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summer ’22 || i got my 1ST CAR! 🥳

Hello friends! I recently got my first car!! I’ve been talking about buying one for over a year, and now it’s happened!

It’s allowing me to customize my work schedule, go places I’d like to more easily (instead of coordinating it with my family), and so much more! I really love it and can’t wait to show you guys.

I’m not showing too much of the exterior, just for privacy reasons 😂 So today I’ll treat y’all to a tour of the interior!

a photoshoot with my 1ST CAR! 🥳

It’s a Honda! I’m the 3rd owner, and it’s in really good condition. I’m helping my dad get it caught up with routine maintenance and upkeep!

I took it for a car wash for the first time! It was mainly to help clear up the ant problem I’ve had…

Nice and clean 😎

I got this cute mint organizer from Dollar Tree! At first, I was looking at specific car organization products, but they cost more. This was way cheaper and prettier!

I found this teeny USB vacuum at Target, haha! The suction is pretty low but I still love it!

Don’t mind the cleaning supplies and ant removal devices, haha. I love the filter I used! I think it’s ‘Patagonia’ on RookieCam. It really emphasizes green!

I’m a happy car owner!

I LOVE this little cotton candy keychain! (That’s almost a tongue twister lol) It’s perfect!

The driver! lol

Thanks so much for reading! I’d love it if you took the poll below:

51 thoughts on “summer ’22 || i got my 1ST CAR! 🥳”

  1. I can’t believe I only just saw this post now!! omg Maggie I’m so happy for you! this is such a big milestone for you and you should be super proud! congratulations👏💕🌟

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