15 random things about me

Hey guys! Today’s post was inspired by Sabrina – she shared 15 things about herself and I thought why not hop on the blogging wagon? 😂

So let’s go! Here are 15 random things about me 👏

15 random things about me

1. When I go to pick a shirt to wear for the day, I’ll grab a mint/turquoise one if one’s clean. I never mean to, it just sort of happens haha. When I realized this, I’ll try to intentionally pick other colors too!

2. I can do a Professor Snape impression. I thought I’d never be able to do one, but I experimented and stumbled across how Alan Rickman sounds like he does! It’s so fun and it cracks my mom and Samuel up 🤣

3. I like candles but candles don’t like me. A lot of the time, the scent is so intense it makes me dizzy haha

4. As a kid, one of my dream jobs was veterinarian! I’m not actually equipped to be a doctor – I get grossed out by surgeries – but it was one of the only careers I could think of as a kid that involved animals.

5. I think I like car rides more than arriving at the destination. Listening to music, enjoying the scenery, chatting with my family – I love all of that!

6. I’m interested right now in singing the harmony of songs instead of the lead. Getting better at the piano has taught me how to hear the harmony a bit more, so I have fun singing the harmony in songs! I used to only sing the lead because I hadn’t trained myself on how to hear the harmony.

7. I want to learn how to do different British accents. There are like 12 or 14 lol, and I think it’d be so fun to learn the difference between them and be able to do them all! #impressionsbucketlist (*excited gasp* I should write a whole post on that topic squee)

8. I have a strong memory for words, and quite the opposite for numbers. I can’t picture them in my brain for more than a split second, unless I repeat it to myself over and over. It’s inconvenient haha

9. I really like charging my electronics. I enjoy the basic upkeep and maintenance of electronics, and other types of organization 😂

10. I’m looking around my room trying to come up with random things about me. If only my environment was more helpful…

11. Red is my least favorite color in photography. It’s so intense that very few filters compliment it, and most red flowers I photograph end up looking sunburnt (is that a word?)

12. Wind is my favorite elemental power. Most people pick fire or water I think, or maybe electricity and earth. But to me wind is where it’s at 😍🌬

13. As a kid, I was scared of the Snow White preview because of the evil queen witch. Heck, I think I’m still scared of her…

14. I love the character Roderick from Diary of a Wimpy Kid. The guy who played him in the movies… *looks up name* Devon Bostick – we have a similar sense of humor and oh my gosh, he’s hilarious 😂

15. I’m leaning more toward blue and turquoise accessories instead of pink. It’s exciting! My creative style & aesthetic are transforming before me eyes 🤣

Thanks so much for reading! If you wanna do a post like this on your blog, totally do one! Let’s start a wee trend 😍

Can you relate to anything I shared?
What are some random things about you?

22 thoughts on “15 random things about me”

  1. Oh my goodness I had like exactly the same thing going on with being a vet! When I was younger, I wanted to help animals so I wanted to be a vet… but then I realized I’d have to do surgeries and things and I’m squeamish so it wasn’t for me…

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  2. I can also do a British Accent! I totally understand you on the vet dream. When I was really young, I dreamed of helping animals, but then I realized I would have to wake up in the middle of the night sometimes to do my job and that I would have to see hurt animals. The dream disappeared after those realizations. 😂 I also never really liked Snow White. I don’t really know why, but I never did. I do that with my electronics too! I always have my phone and/or iPad plugged in whenever I can.

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    1. Cool! It’s so fun 😂
      Yeah that was something else for me too! It’d be so sad to see hurt animals.
      I’ve only seen clips of Snow White, like on the silly songs videos! I was never interested in watching the whole movie.
      Yeah haha! It feels nice and productive to keep everything charged 😎👍
      Thanks for commenting!

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  3. Loved this post! I also love the colors blue and turquoise, they’re so pretty! And me too, I can remember words better than numbers. I barely have my own phone number memorized 😂

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    1. Thanks so much! Yes! 💙
      Oof yeah 😂 One of the only way I can memorize numbers is by patterns! So I remember which keys to hit on the keypad, not the actual numbers haha

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  4. I loved reading this post! Such a great idea!
    Blue and turquoise are some of my favorite colors as well!
    Same about car rides: I love them so much, sometimes even better than arriving at the destination. Although it can sometimes be annoying with my siblings. 😬 But usually it’s very fun!!! 😊

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  5. ahhh don’t talk about that snow white preview. i was 3 when my babysitter showed it to me for the first (and last) time and even though i was 3 i remember it clear as day (in a bad way lol) i used to and sometimes still have nightmares about the mirror thing even though the last time i watched the movie was when i was legit 3. XD

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