summer of stories 2022 🔫 || {3rd prompt results + 4th prompt}

hello! welcome back to maggie’s doodles. this is it guys!! we’ve reached the final prompt for the summer blog contests 2022! 😍🍭💕 you guys have done an amazing job with your entries!

check out evin’s post for today’s avenue of art post!

this post is going up late, so i’ll make this quick. for the 3rd prompt, d wrote a chilling tale, vivianne shared a story of friendship, kaashvi delivered a poetic tale, writeflow sent an inspirational story, and sassysummer sent an uplifting story! please let me know if i missed anyone.

you ready for the judges’ pick for round 3? let’s go!

the winner is…


vivianne! 🥳🥳🥳 enjoy reading her story below!

vivianne’s story 🏊

I squealed as the droplets of water hit me. My best friend, Sky, was giggling as she swam backwards and away from me. Sky had texted me a few minutes ago, inviting me to come swim in her pool. Eagerly accepting the invitation, I quickly changed into my bathing suit and hopped on my bike. Now that I was here, I slipped off my flip flops, set down my towel and dipped a toe into the pooling. I recoiled at the cold.

            “Oh, come on! It’s not that bad!” Sky called out from where she was holding onto a floatie.

            Stepping in, I called back, “Easy for you to say. You’ve probably been in here for an hour already.”

            She shrugged, as it was probably true. I had just reached the first step down and sucked in a breath. Slowly, I stepped down and gasped. Then I stepped onto the next step, and the next, until finally, the water was up to my shoulders. Sky paddled over, still holding onto the floatie, to hand me one. Together, we swam back to the deep end. 

            “So, Lexi. How are you?” She asked.

            “Good, y tú?” I replied, practicing the Spanish we were learning together.

            Sky laughed, “Muy bien! Have any plans this weekend?”

            I shook my head. Just then, Sky’s mom came out from the house and waved. “Hello, Lexi!”

            “Hello, Ms. Beth!” I greeted.

            Ms. Beth strolled over to us and asked a question, “Before y’all get all crazy in the pool, can I get a picture of you two?”

            “Sure, Mom. Can you get a slo-mo video of us jumping in?” Sky suggested. I looked at her. I had never jumped into a pool before. What if I accidentally let go of my breath when I hit the water? What if—

            “Come on, Lexi!” Sky urged. She was already out of the pool and on the ledge we would jump off from. 

            I sighed and pulled myself out of the water. I stood next to her and peered into the crystal-clear water beneath us. It looked so peaceful, yet terrifying.

            “Ready, girls? Three, two, and one!” Ms. Beth exclaimed. I jumped off after Sky, sucking in a big breath and squeezing my eyes shut. I hit the water and sunk to the bottom. I pushed off and emerged, breathing heavily. 

            “How’d we do?” Sky asked her mom, pulling herself onto the ledge. Her mom showed her the video and she motioned for me to come over. “Lexi! Come watch the video. We look great!”

            When I didn’t come, she turned around. “Lexi? Are you okay?”

            “That was actually… fun!” I exclaimed.

            Sky laughed. “Of course it was fun!”

I smiled at her and waded over to watch the video. We really did look cool in slo-mo. And from what I could tell, Sky had no awareness of my initial hesitance. But she didn’t need to. Because now, it was non-existent.

i had so much fun reading that!! it was a lovely story + had a great message! 😍🌼

this week’s prompt is worth 5 points!

the 4th and FINAL prompt is…

🌺 write a haiku about
why you love summer! 🌺

remember a haiku is a short Japanese poem consisting of 5, 7, then 5 syllables! like this:

playing in the sun
feel the warm breeze on my skin
running in the rain

wow i came up with that on the spot 😂

good luck everyone!!! you have 7 days to submit your entry. the finale for SOS and AOA will be posted on tuesday, july 19th!💫

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