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blogging stuff~ chatting about my blog post ideas! ☺

hello! welcome back to maggie’s doodles 💕 well, what happened? 😂 i really fell out of a blogging groove. i was going along for a while, sharing snapshots, publishing posts i’d had the ideas for for ages, doing photoshoots and collabs. but it got to the point where i felt like i’d never reach the end of my work.

you see, i had well over 500 post ideas on my phone, laptop, and notebooks combined. many of them were basic outlines and needed to be expanded upon to turn into actual posts and series.

for a bit over a year, i thought i’d appreciate having ideas surround me… but they actually weighed me down.

i got burnt out from my ideas.

i felt like i was posting more than i was because i did so much behind the scenes brainstorming! i got away from creating and started thinking about creating. it was an accident, but i had to kinda get through that funk.

idk about you, but thinking about stuff often feels like you’re doing it.

and thinking about 500 blog post ideas made me feel satisfied for a second, then tired, then unmotivated… to do any of them.

i got bored of all that inspiration. it wasn’t helpful at all.

so i was like hey, what if i put a lot more time into what i’m passionate about? like spending an hour on each featured image to make it something truly awesome, instead of following a 10 minute template? what if i take creative pictures, do new photoshoots, pour more time into my hobbies?

i was accidentally holding myself back.

the rhythm… threw me out of rhythm 😂👍

so i’m slowly, in many ways, rebuilding my life. it feels like i’m starting from the ground up.

many things are the same, but i see them in a completely new way.

and with that, my friends… i’ll talk to you again soon!

have you ever been in a blogging funk? let’s climb out of one together! i’m gonna share more content like this in the weeks to come 💕

12 thoughts on “blogging stuff~ chatting about my blog post ideas! ☺”

  1. ugh. funks are the worst. i hate the feeling of knowing you’re in a rut and feeling stuck. it can be hard to change:( I’m so happy you’ve gotten out of that stage now, and remember it’s ok to miss a post or 2! I think that’s a massive thing I had to learn as a blogger. because life does get on the way:/ can’t wait for you to post again! 💕💖😘

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    1. they definitely are. sometimes you gotta figure out how to get out of one, other times you just need a break before you get going again! 💓
      yes definitely! and quality over quantity is an important thing for me to remember 😊 aw thanks sateja!

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  2. Funk is a new word to me 😂 I get what you mean and I’m glad you’re finding your way out of it! It can be annoying and confusing to fall into a rhythm that changes your initial aspirations, haha! Thanks for writing! I’m sure this resonates with many of us!😂🥳❤️

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    1. haha it’s kind of a dated word! 😂 (i think it was primarily used in the 90s) thanks d! i am too. yeah and sometimes you don’t realize you’re slipping until it’s too late 😂👍 you’re welcome! and yes! blogger/writer burnout is quite relatable unfortunately… hopefully we’ll rise again together! 🤣💜 thanks for commenting!

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  3. Aw, sorry you’re in a slump. But honestly you’ve been on such a posting spree for such a long time…you deserve to slow down!
    I’m also in sort of a slump…I’m thinking in August I’m going to reevaluate my blogs.

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