summer of stories 2022 🦩 || {2nd prompt results + 3rd prompt}

hi guys! welcome back to maggie’s doodles. awesome job so far taking part in the summer blog contests 2022! i hope you’ve had fun following along and getting creative. we’ve loved seeing all of your entries!

check out evin’s blog for more info regarding the avenue of art!

NOTE: i accidentally said 2 days left to submit in the reminder email yesterday. 🙈 because of this, i’ll still be accepting SOS entries for the 2nd prompt through the rest of today! (EST) so you still have time to complete the 2nd prompt if you haven’t yet.

for the 2nd prompt, (which was write a poem about the sun setting!) d sent a gorgeous tale, writeflow submitted an inspirational piece, and diamond sent a simplistic poem!

vivianne sent a lovely rhyme, kaashvi delivered a descriptive tale, and dhriti shared a beautiful story.

sateja shared an inspirational scene, kaley sent beautiful inspiration, mia wrote a sunset haiku, sassysummer sent a great poem, and akshita wrote a vivid poem!

you ready for the judges’ pick for round 2?? let’s go!

the winner is…


sateja @ mewrites!!! congrats girl! 😍

enjoy reading this BEAUTIFUL, wonderful poem she wrote!

Endings Can Be Beautiful Too

I feel a salty taste on my lips,

Feel another tear slip,

The paper that had crushed all my dreams,

Sits quietly next to me,

There in silence did we sit,

Wishing I could go back and change it,

Work harder, work more,

It would’ve changed it, I’m sure

But now, I can’t, so here I am,

Watching the sun retire over the land,

I see the paper, illuminated bright,

The failure staring back at me, the peak of my life,

I clench my fists and grit my teeth,

I won’t let this stop me.

This might be the end of that dream,

This might be the end of who I used to be,

But as the golden streaks of sun disappear,

I realise it’s the dawn of a new era.

Yes, that dream is no longer here,

I can feel it, the end is near,

And this view is the perfect proof,

That endings can be beautiful too.

~written for people who have had to/are facing a disappointment~

-written by Sateja @MeWrites 😊

that was beautiful!! 🥹 thanks sateja!

ok buddies, it’s time for the THIRD prompt now!

this week’s prompt is worth 10 points. (5 for submitting + 5 for following all the rules!)

the 3rd prompt is…

🌺 in 500 words or less,
write a story about a
day at the pool! 🌺

it can be at a swimming pool, natural springs, a teeny puddle (if you’re writing a story about little creatures or fairies hehe), etc! it can be inspirational, funny, relaxing, crazy, scary even – but please keep everything family-friendly. 😉

GOOD LUCK! you have 7 days to submit your entry. i’ll see you guys next tuesday! (with another SOS post~ more content to come!)

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