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reviewing maggie’s hoodies! 💕✨ ft. minnie, pinky, & piper 😍

hi guys!! pinky here with my friends minnie and piper!

we’re gonna review maggie’s hoodies today 😍👌✨ she recently got some new ones and we thought it’d be fun to chat about their cozy beauty!

minnie: yes! fashion is so fun and maggie’s wardrobe is da BEST

piper: ohh yeahhh! and reviewing is epic too! i can’t wait to see maggie’s collection.

say guys, would you like some popsicles today as well? i brought some!

minnie and piper: ooh yay! of course we’d love some!

woo! these are delicious 😎✨ the flavors are frosted blue raspberry, sunshine lemonade, and cotton candy clouds!

minnie: and the names are so fancy! 💅

haha yes they are! 😂 ok, on to the hoodies!

look at this collection! 😍👌 beautifully pastel and perfectly curated.

let’s talk about the mint one first!

minnie: ooh i love this shade so much!

piper: it’s a beautiful mint color!

yes! and look at the wrists: it has built-in fingerless gloves! isn’t that cool? maggie’s always wanted a jacket like that!

minnie: yes! the only sad thing i can see is maggie said the wrists are a little tight. it could be a bit more comfortable.

piper: so how about we say 4/5 stars from us?

sounds perfect to me!

next we have THIS icon maggie got last fall! 😍🌈

piper: WOO it’s gorgeous!!

minnie: it’s like a beautiful cloud of dreams! 🤩

haha yes! the colors are incredible. it does fit a bit big, though – maggie said it’s baggy around the waist 😂

minnie: ooh- would this be another 4/5 stars then?

piper: yeah!

whoa this one is a beautiful sunshine yellow!

minnie: i agree! 😍

piper: who knew you could wear sunshine? 😂💛

maggie can, apparently! what does she think of the style?

minnie: it runs a little bit small.

piper: another 4 star, i presume? 🤣

yeah.. but it IS maggie’s favorite shade of yellow! so that adds a half point 😎💅

minnie: 4.5/5 stars it is then!

maggie got this one very recently!

piper: it’s like a pinky shade of orange! 🧡💕


minnie: maggie loves the fit and color… this one might actually be a 5! 😍

yaaaas it is! woohoo!

minnie: this one’s actually a sweatshirt, but we had to include it! ‘cause it’s pink 😎💕

it’s SO pretty! and the inside is a fleece lining maggie says is super comfy~

piper: maggie said it’s like the perfect sweatshirt! 5/5 stars 😍💗

last but certainly not least, this white nike hoodie!

piper: it looks so crisp! 😍 idek what that means, but it does hahah

minnie: it’s like a little cloud! ☺️☁️

hopefully maggie doesn’t spill food on it 😏😂 we’re gonna rate it 4.5/5 stars, since maggie hasn’t worn it much yet! she’s not sure what it will be like.

thanks for reading guys! we hope you had fun following along with us, and seeing maggie’s hoodie collection! we’re gonna finish our popsicles now 😎

thanks for reading!
which hoodie/s
are your fave?

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