the summer tag 🌊💛

hi guys! welcome back to maggie’s doodles 😍 kaley over at sketch scribble scribe just made a new tag! i think it’s gonna be a lot of fun!

i love the helpful and fun content they share over at SSS! 💕

let’s do… the summer tag! 🥳✌️

🌤 Rules

1. Include the graphic above (or design your own, but don’t leave it without one!)

2. Thank the person who nominated you and mention something you like about their blog

3. Ping back to the original post so the creator can read all your answers!

4. List your favorite summer food, activity, book, quote, and song. They don’t have to be very summery, just feel like summer to you!

5. Answer the 5 questions

6. Nominate 3 or more people (and link their blog) or leave it open with a fun nominator, such as “anyone who ate peanut butter this week is nominated.”

7. Create 5 more questions for them to answer, with a summer theme!

the summer tag

≈ favorite summer food: strawberries! they taste SO good when they’re in season 🍓

≈ favorite summer activity: going swimming! boi is it fun 😍

≈ favorite summer book: the great gatsby! it’s set in july in the 1920s 🌃✨

≈ favorite summer quote:

‘cause a little bit of summer’s what
the whole year’s all about

i was looking through summer quotes and found this song lyric i know by john mayer! it’s perfect 😂💕

≈ favorite summer song: either “i get around” or “fun, fun, fun,” both by the beach boys! 🌇

q + a

1. what is your favorite summer outfit? i love my red sleeveless shirt with white dots and jean shorts! but i also adore my yellow palm tree shirt 😍💛

2. what is a funny summer memory? one time my mom took pictures of me and my brother joshua posing with storm clouds! the fun kinda ended when the thunder freaked us out, but when we all started to run inside, joshua jumped in the pool instead. 😂 we helped him out and rushed inside haha

3. what’s your favorite thing about summer? the fun break from the rest of the year where you set adventurous goals, find creative ways to stay cool, and go on fun trips!

4. what’s your guilty pleasure in summer? i’m not sure if i have one… aside from treating myself to ice cream or ice cold drinks to cool off 😂

5. who do you know that seems most summery all year round? why do you get that vibe? my old coworker lily is the first one that came to mind! perhaps it was her beachy appearance (sun-streaked blonde hair, a nice tan), coupled with her friendly and carefree demeanor. i think lighthearted people always feel like summer to me!

my nominees:

my summer questions:

1. when you read ‘ice cream,’ what’s the first thing that comes to mind? (favorite flavor, fun memory, etc)

2. what’s your dream summer vacation?

3. do you have any favorite summer jewelry?

4. what are a few things on your summer bucket list for this year?

5. what are your favorite summer movies and/or TV shows?

thanks so much for reading! i had a lot of fun with this kaley, and i hope you guys enjoy doing it too!

what are some fun things
you’ve done this summer?

12 thoughts on “the summer tag 🌊💛”

  1. It does sound like a pretty fun tag paired with a pretty graphic🌚🎉. Ooo I love swimming – it’s so nice and relaxing (and cooling) to be one with the water on a hot summer day🏊‍♀️.
    I’ve been hearing about the Great Gatsby for so long yet never taken the many opportunities to read it. I always thought it’s about food because sub sandwiches are called Gatsbies in South Africa😅.

    I can imagine that summer memory happening😂. Sounds like a scene straight out of a cartoon🤭.

    Thank you so much for the tag – questions sound interesting👐.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. riiiight 🌝 ehe
      yes! swimming is fun and relaxing and refreshinggg
      oh lol! that’s so funny 😂✌️ The Great Sandwich lol!
      it does sound like a cartoon haha
      you’re very welcome!


  2. Sounds like you are really into summer. Here on the Texas Gulf Coast it has been 100 degrees EVERY afternoon, so summer limits us to indoor activities or for those who are young to go to the beach at Galveston or to a pool. We old fogies just sit around with the air conditioning on AND a fan blowing across our laps. It does make for good reading time–especially with a glass of ice-cold lemonade. Enjoy summer while you can.

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