snapshots from my week | vanilla iced coffee, teeny puppies, and brainstorming

hiya! welcome back to maggie’s doodles 💜 and if you’ve never been here before, welcome! 😍 i’m gonna continue my semi-annual (jk lol~ weekly) snapshots series today! enjoy!

snapshots from my week

one of my favorite managers brought us capri suns while we were order-taking! we’re blessed 😌💛👍 thanks jamie!

this is my view a lot of times while working on blog stuff in the morning, haha! i like to accomplish things while the day’s getting started ☀️

random car pic lol!

i found these at at home (that was confusing, but ‘at home’ is the name of the store 🤭🤪) and i fell in LOVE!! somehow i don’t usually see things this cute haha 💖

i went thrift shopping and to the mall with my mom last week! we had SO much fun that i didn’t even take any pictures. i bought a coral hoodie, stuff for my halloween costume, coffee coasters, and closet organization! ✨

*gets startled when my arm clicks on an image on my laptop* wow lol

i wanted a large caramel iced coffee but they were out of caramel 👎 however~ their vanilla flavor is really good too! 🤍

i’ve been making comprehensive music playlists recently!! i love having all of these epic artists within easy reach. i adore so much music though, i might never reach the end of making these playlists 😂 right now i’m adding to my hip-hop one and trying to find more relaxing indie songs ✨

did i mention i read ‘an irish country doctor’? did i tell you i found out it’s the first in a SERIES?! *super happy* i’m reading the second book and have the next three checked out from the library!!

i’m reading the great gatsby right now! it’s a perfect companion for me on my lunch breaks (unless i’m chatting with my coworkers). i can read about one chapter per break! it’s a great summer book 😍

i love this promotional poster for our peach shake! SO many people get it lol, and i do like it but the hype is wild 😂

post-work photo, haha ❤ i always feel a bit potato after work~ ’cause i eat, change into comfy clothes, and relax 😌

izzy got a new flashlight / lantern to take with her to bed! i think it’s SO cute 💛

i went to stevi b’s pizza after work one afternoon with my family! it was tasty and we had fun 😋

this was my view while making a featured image for one of my posts haha, thought i’d share it!

happy 6th birthday elizabeth!! 🥳 she loved her presets and had a fantastic day!

they had a lot of fun coloring and doing activities all day!

i got her an art kit! she seriously loves it, which makes me so glad 😍

thanks so much for reading! what did you do last week? i’d love to know!

which pic/s were your fave?

18 thoughts on “snapshots from my week | vanilla iced coffee, teeny puppies, and brainstorming”

  1. What app do u take pics on!?
    I really like the instagram filters but since I’m too small (my mums words lol! She says I can’t get insta till I’m married 🤣) I can’t seen to find an app without ads!!!
    Also I know I can just filter the pics after but I prefer taking pics with the filter!

    Sorry 🙏
    I hope you understand what I mean

    Liked by 2 people

    1. i take them on the app rookiecam! idk if you can get it on your phone, but they have a lot of free filters 😍 oh lol! yeah most apps have ads 😐 rookiecam might too actually… i use the paid version
      oh yeah! i really prefer taking pics with filters as well
      it’s ok! i understood 👍


  2. Ahh I do love Capri Sun 🧘 and your manager sounds pretty cool👍. I on the other hand, like accomplishing things when the day is reaching it’s end🌚🌆. The focus and blurred background in that car picture is quite neat👐.
    Hope it’s not too late to wish Elizabeth a happy belated birthday🎉. Hope she had an amazing day🌻. My fave picture has got to be the last one🌚✨!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. yes! and she really is, she’s one of my faves 😄 haha i used to be a night owl, but rn i really be loving the mornings! ☀️
      aw thanks!
      i’ll tell her you said happy bday! she did 😊👍 RIGHTTT that pic is so pretty! 🎨


      1. Yeah we’re on our school winter holiday and I’ve been waking up a bit earlier everyday. It’s nice to watch the sun rise and the morning take over from the night. It’s so peaceful 🧘.
        Thank you and I’m glad that she did. It’s always nice to see the little ones happy👐.

        Liked by 2 people

    1. oh it’s a work bandaid! we wear colored bandaids at my work so we don’t accidentally let them fall in the food we’re serving 😂 it was just a cut i wanted to heal.
      thanks so much!

      Liked by 1 person

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