4 tips for recovering from something hard 💜

hi guys! welcome back to maggie’s doodles. after my sister’s recent hospital visit (i talked about it at the top of this snapshots post), i’ve been recovering mentally and emotionally from being so scared for her.

it took me time and effort, combined with patience and strength to get back up again after our family took that hit. i felt vulnerable on and off that week, and i kept having anxiety spikes that i had to calm myself down from.

i thought i’d share my tips based on my personal experiences! you might be recovering after a broken friendship, after the loss of a pet, after a car accident / driving scare – anything that freaked you out or made you really sad. i hope you find something here that helps 💞

as always, these tips are not professional advice. it’s just a chat with a friend!

let’s go 😊

tips for recovering
from something hard 💜

rational vs. irrational //

with elizabeth’s situation, i looked at the anxious thoughts i was having and figured out which ones were valid fears, and which were blown out of proportion. by worrying about her injury, i was able to take care of her, get soft food, etc.

but the thought looping of “she will get hurt again and we will go back to the hospital” was not an accurate prediction. i was afraid, so my brain went to the worst case scenario. while it was a possibility, it was not guaranteed. so i kept changing the severity of that thought: “she might get hurt again and we might go back to the hospital.”

keeping myself focused on more truth helped me to calm down and do the best i could to help her!

support + encourage myself //

a huge part of recovery is giving yourself a huge hug and knowing you’re doing the best you can. but for me, there’s also a bit of softly pushing myself to do more than i think i can, while i stand back up again.

i took a bit of extra time and cut an apple to have with my breakfast. i did a little arm workout while i talked to the girls in the living room. i bought a couple things from a thrift store.

before doing those things, i felt way too weak to do them. but i didn’t want to accept defeat. i focused on different things that would help me to do them, however much modifying it took. because i didn’t want to keep feeling like i was failing. i didn’t want to miss opportunities to have fun, or do something healthy.

so it’s about finding that balance of supporting and pushing, and not doing too much of either. 💖

guard your mental health //

i felt nervous a couple mornings ago at the thought of listening to music in the morning, because my thoughts tend to wander when i jam out. that’s a fine thing to happen when i’m chilling and brainstorming blog posts, but when my mental health is shakier? not a great idea. because then my thoughts are wandering to big fears, sadness, and depressing scenarios.

at first it made me sad that i couldn’t be happy listening to music, like i was too weak to enjoy one of my favorite hobbies. but by noticing that trigger, i was being strong and saving myself from something that would have hurt me more. it’s not weakness to make a strong choice.

find things to keep you busy //

you might not know what things will help you stay busy until you try them. some things you’ll feel too drained to do, which is ok. keep tinkering around until you find what helps you!

i liked doing laundry, cleaning up the house with the girls, watching movies, and working on some behind-the-scenes blog stuff. with each thing i came to that needed doing or i wanted to do it, i figured out how i could break it down into a goal or task that was attainable.

thanks for reading! i hope you found something here that could help you 💕

what helpful post/s
would you like to see next?

12 thoughts on “4 tips for recovering from something hard 💜”

  1. I hope you’re feeling better and so is your sister:) it’s really sad when younger siblings get hurt, and it can definitely be scary when they are in hospital. i hope your other siblings are getting over it well too:) you’re so brave for staying positive and I understand how hard it is. thanks for these tips, they’re so useful! I’m always here if you want to talk xx

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      1. that’s great to hear<3 yes, family is always there when you need it. of course! I'm so glad you're all feeling better, and your other siblings are super brave as well!:)


  2. This is very mature, sound advice. When my mind wanders to bad memories of My Better Half’s recent death, just say aloud (and loud) No, no, no, no–I’m not going to go there and then I do something, get up and get busy, no matter how early it is.

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  3. This is really helpful advice, Maggie, especially the third tip: it can be hard recognizing (and avoiding, lol) triggering hobbies, but it’s definitely a good thing to work on.

    I hope Elizabeth is doing better. 💖 I’m praying for you all.

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