snapshots from my week | o’charley’s, airpods, and dinosaurs

hello! welcome back to maggie’s doodles 💕 i took some time off from writing my usual posts last week. my engagement has been down… is it my content? is it my involvement in the community? i don’t know 😂 while i figure that out, enjoy some snapshots from last week!

i took less pics than normal because i was sad. i always appreciate that later, because when i take pics while sad, i regret it since those images carry emotion. so i’m gonna leave sadness back there 💜

one thing not in the pics below are all the movies i loved watching! i found a new favorite movie (laws of attraction with pierce brosnan and julianne moore 😍💛), watched some irish films and shows (of course haha), oh and i read some books!

as for an elizabeth update, she’s completely recovered! we’re SO glad her throat didn’t start bleeding again.

the sunset was so prettay! 🧡💕

i went and saw jurassic world: dominion with joshua after work one day! i really enjoyed it. ‘twas a bit loud at parts, but that’s ok 😂❤️ i had a blast chatting with joshua and one of his friends after the film!

i got AIRPODS! yas i did 😌💖 my old earbuds were going out- i had to hold my phone over my head for the left one to not crackle. ?? like why 😂 i LOVE my airpods the audio is so GOOD

the same day i got the airpods, i also went to the library (while listening to vianney- AMAZING), to the thrift store (got epic clothes!), and ran some errands. i had a great day 🥰

i had a candied pecan chicken salad at o’charley’s! it was pretty good, and i got some strawberries to go with it.

there were gorgeous pink flowers outside the restaurant! i went outside while my fam ordered drinks to photograph the thing (in the major heat 💛 lol my poor phone)

i had a strawberry lemonade with my dinner! it was.. also pretty good, nothing epic 🤣✌️

okay, but this picture is AMAZING. look at the leaves in the background! i think it was so hot outside that the leaves got hazy. 😳😍 cool huh?!

found this SUPER cool moth boi after work! he looks so pettable:D but i wouldn’t do that, it’d prolly ruin his wings

look at me falling in love with city rain photography! 🤩☔️ GORGEOUS

i know these pics are out of order. love these flowers! i had to experiment with different filters until i found the one that worked 💘

i like the interesting lighting+shadows in this one!

thanks sm for reading! love you guys ❤

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