snapshots from my week | koalas, donuts, and surfboards

hi buddies! welcome back to maggie’s doodles 💜 how’s it going? i still can’t believe how long i’ve been doing this series 😍👏 it’s so fun haha! (only ‘problem’ is how huge my camera roll is…)

my mom printed out this coloring page for my sisters and i’m in love 😍 the eyes are so CUTE

i squealed with happiness when i found this setup elizabeth or izzy did! we have so many cute things ✨

i’m getting sammy and his surfboard ready for Camp Happy Heart 2022! 😍👏 i made the board with cardboard for the base, paper, and colored pencils. it’s ADORABLE 💚🧡 (almost looks like the irish flag, but i don’t mind a wee bit)

elizabeth’s been recovering this week. her diet is very soft and we’re watching to make sure she doesn’t put anything hard in her mouth. i supervised the whole time she was coloring above, since we’re all on high alert with markers right now 😅

i HAD to show you this, lol!! the interesting characters the girls come up with…

one of my favorite thrift store finds, maybe of all time (maybe not but definitely best most recent): a TEEEEEENY koala baby from sydney, australia! my heart can’t 😍😍😍

i had to show you this collage backdrop i used for the featured image of this post! like whoa~ so pink and pretty 💞

i got ice dream earrings!!! 😍🌟 kohl’s made my little cfa dreams come true haha

izzy asked me to take a pic of her baby because she thinks the outfit is so cute!

i did one of the things on my summer bucket list! i got all three of the dunkin donuts refreshers (made with lemonade) to try with my siblings! there was mango passionfruit, strawberry dragonfruit, and peach passionfruit. the mango one was okay, the dragonfruit one was AMAZING~, and the peach passionfruit was, unfortunately, bad. 😂 we all had fun trying them, tho!

elizabeth loved the dragonfruit one! that one was all of our favorites

i loved driving home with all of them!

izzy wanted me to take a pic of sammy and kiki together! they like vibing on my lamp haha

the girls wanted to join the fun during one of my photoshoots! they placed their stuffed animals on the backdrop which was so adorable 😂

thanks for reading! there were a lot of fun moments this week (it SPED BY tho), and elizabeth’s throat is looking better and better every day. 😊

which pic/s were your fave?
what did you do this week?

9 thoughts on “snapshots from my week | koalas, donuts, and surfboards”

  1. Aww all these photos are so aesthetic and cute and I love that collage! I’m not a huge fan of pink but it looks really good on that collage, haha! Glad your sister’s doing better ❤️

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  2. The collage was soooo pinkkk and aesthetic and beautiful….
    The pics are lovely… specially the stuffed animals..they’re so cute…and I’m glad to know that elizabeth is doing better ❤️ send my best wishes to her✨

    Liked by 1 person

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