snapshots from my week | cookie crumbles, sunsets, and a hospital visit

hey guys! welcome back to maggie’s doodles ❤️ yeahhh there’s a bonus post today! 😏 i’m doing snapshots as usual, and there’s also my zoo atlanta post! you could spend 30+ minutes looking at my photography if you want to haha 💕

we had a hospital visit yesterday (sunday) for one of my family members, which i’ll talk about for the second picture of this post. aside from that, i had a nice week! it was pretty normal for me: working, getting stuff done, brainstorming for my blog- you know the drill 😉

yo some of these sunsets when we’re going to pick up our mom from work? pog haha 🧡

so~ (trigger warning, read next paragraph for gentle summarized version): elizabeth tripped with a marker in her mouth. it punctured the very back of her throat and caused bleeding on and off for a couple hours. we took her to urgent care, and they redirected us to the ER so she could get a CT scan to make sure she didn’t damage arteries in her throat that lead to her brain. the results came back and she doesn’t have arterial damage! the bleeding stopped on the way to the ER so they didn’t need to do surgery. we got to go home last night 💜

READ HERE (no triggers): elizabeth hurt her mouth and we had to take her to urgent care. when they redirected us to the ER, we picked up our mom from work and drove there. i gave elizabeth lots of hugs and we supported her the best we could. she was very brave and we helped her to not be as scared. she got her first IV and was very calm during the CT scan! (they didn’t need to sedate her) the results were good and she was very happy to be going home so she could sleep 😴💚

she got an etch-a-sketch doodle for being brave while they took her vitals! i drew a couple things, including this frog that looks like reggie 😍

also got a dragonfruit refresher after dropping my mom off at work yesterday! it’s named perfectly: it’s very refreshing and tasty 😂💕

walmart selfie! haha

sam took this one for me! i thought it would be funny to sit in our cart while i finished making the list. i look like i’m 12 haha

peace out, homies!

one of the yummiest treats we serve at CFA is our ice dream cup with oreos on top! they are DELISH 🤩

ahh one of the girls (i think izzy? haha) painted this! both of their art styles are adorable, but similar, so i have to usually ask them who made a piece i really like 😂👏


so let me tell you guys: this spicy deluxe sandwich was HUGE. it would have been a great, filling dinner if i hadn’t needed to go back to work after consuming it 😂❤️ i was waddling around like a penguin, haha! 🐧

on.. memorial day~ it looked SUPER stormy! but only rained a little bit! i was glad i didn’t have to work outside during that monster 😅

did i already share this selfie in my zoo post? no i think i shared another angle lol. anyway

can i just tell you how satisfying the lines are in this photo?? 😍👏 like LOOK at ‘em!

i’m doing some organization updating at the moment! i noticed how many things i have accessible that i do not use, and i didn’t like how much space those things were taking up. so i sorted these items into my closet! i can still get to them when i need them (on certain occasions, or when i run out of the bottle i’m currently using), but they’re not cluttering my desk anymore 💚

thanks for reading! i’m so so glad elizabeth is home 💜 and i enjoyed talking about the rest of my week with you 😊

which pic/s were your fave?

10 thoughts on “snapshots from my week | cookie crumbles, sunsets, and a hospital visit”

  1. Heyy Maggie!! Long time…. Great post! I loved the dragonfruit refresher!! And btw, I’m thinking to get back on my blog… I hope I’ll be able to manage…

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  2. Thank God that she’s fine – may she keep getting better🌼. That drink does look really refreshing – love the color 🤩👌🏼. The dinosaur looks like he also wants to sit in a cart🤭. Love the selfies🌚✨👌🏼. The details in that photo is so satisfying 🤩! Hope Elizabeth keeps getting better🙌

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