25 fun facts about me!

hey guys! welcome back to maggie’s doodles ๐Ÿ’ž i thought it would be so fun to do a more casual post today!

it’s been a while since i shared facts about me, so i’ve compiled 25 of them in this post! some you might already know, others will surprise you.

let’s go!

25 fun facts about me!

1. i love cars!

2. i enjoy going through hobbies on rotation

3. i love caramel iced coffees + fruity drinks

4. i love having short hair

5. i haven’t tried boba tea yet

6. i have many favorite music genres

7. i like both even and odd numbers

8. strawberries are my fave fruit

9. i donโ€™t like seafood

10. i love riding horses

11. i really like the number 27

12. i love learning new languages

13. i canโ€™t decide on a favorite holiday

14. i love overcoming my fears

15. i thrive on helping others

16. iโ€™m nearsighted in my left eye

17. i think dancing is epic

18. iโ€™m working on finishing what i start

19. i get spooked pretty easily

20. i think psychology is absolutely fascinating

21. i canโ€™t wait to get married

22. iโ€™m writing my own piano songs

23. i prefer city over country

24. fonts and calligraphy make me really happy

25. i love writing lists

thanks for reading! i had fun compiling these ๐Ÿ˜‚

which fact/s surprised you?
which ones can you relate to?

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