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sharing chick-fil-a’s secrets! 🤫❤️

hey guys! 😂 welcome back to maggie’s doodles. i thought it would be fun to share cfa’s secrets! and by that i mean, things you didn’t know you can order or request.

i’m not gonna go air our dirty laundry 👕

or am i 😏😂

my old manager actually knows about my blog hah, so i can’t say too much 🤣

anyway, on to the post!

sharing chick-fil-a’s secrets!

you can request for them to cut your sandwich in half! you can also ask for your pickles to be on the side, or have extra on the side.

fries can be well done, or made with no salt!

you can get a grilled sandwich on a white bun, or a fried sandwich on a multigrain bun! you can request no butter on your bun, or- better yet- EXTRA butter! (that sounded sarcastic, btu i’m absolutely serious. butter is life haha)

with salads, the chicken and toppings can be completely customized! you can add or remove anything. you can ask for extra chicken on your salad! if you wanted a market salad with spicy fried chicken with no blue cheese and 3x extra egg, we gotchu gurl haha

on the ice dream cups, you can get chocolate syrup, strawberry topping, or cookie crumbles! (my personal favorite 😋) OR a combination of all three~

you can get extra or less of each flavoring of the milkshakes! for example, a cookies and cream with extra cookie!

you can request an empty salad bowl if you’re making the tiktok trend! i think it takes mac&cheese, a 12-count nugget, and chick-fil-a sauce.

depending on the location you go to, you can get well done chicken, frosted fanta (or coke, sprite, dr pepper, other float drinks), custom wraps 😍 (veggie wrap, spicy fried, fried, etc), custom fruit cups (no apples, no strawberries, etc), no fruit parfaits, cookie with a kid’s meal, gallons of tea or lemonade, bags of ice, buy 8oz bottles of all our sauces, and swap for a gluten-free bun!

oh and everyone’s favorite: drink customizations! you can get light ice, extra ice, no ice, ice in a cup on the side, add lemon – we’ll do it 👍

just ask and see if the cfa you’re at can do these customizations for you! most locations are able to, but some operators choose not to do certain ones. it can be a supply reason, matter of efficiency, or a personal decision.

thanks for reading guys! let me know if you’re curious about other customizations i didn’t mention, and i’ll let you know if we can do it!

bye! ❤️

have you tried cfa?
what secret menu items
at cfa or other restaurants
do you love?

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