snapshots from my week | graduations, shopping, and pretty earrings

hello! welcome back to maggie’s doodles. i have a new snapshots for you today! i skipped last week because i had other posts i wanted to focus on, plus my phone’s picture library is INSANE right now! i had to go through so many pictures to decide which ones to add in this post 😂

look at this BEAUTIFUL dress!! i wore it to my buddy’s graduation. i had a blast wearing it!

i tried to take a cool pic of this travel magazine, the quality turned out ok haha

shoe shopping vibes! there’s no telling how many shoes i tried on that day… maybe 40? 50? i almost got these but the rhinestones were eh

SWIMMING! i love swimming! i swam at our buddy’s pool at his graduation party, and boiii was it fun. we came back the next day and swam some more! i had fun trying out water exercises and cool tricks!

i loved setting up this nursery for the girls to play with! i used to set up scenes like this when i was younger, so it brought back fun memories!

ahh! shoe shopping again. so many nice-looking shoes, so very few that fit comfortably

izzy took this picture for me! 🥰

look! new earrings!! (i just LOVE how this pic focused on my hairrrrr like wut)

and they come with a matching necklace! 😍

hi! welcome back to cooking with chad! *tape rewind sound* just kidding; i really couldn’t count heating up frozen french toast as cooking. BUT~ ’twas delicious!

then i took this hilarious picture of him lookin’ at my empty plate 😂 me sense of humor doth broke

samuel took this pic for me! i love how mismatched all the pics are in this snapshots aha~ (ugh the veins in my right hand, please stop. well stop looking creepy, please keep existing lol)

you guys ready?? this is one of da BEST summery desserts i’ve ever done had! please do try! get a hawaiian delight sundae from freddy’s!

a wee behind-the-scenes of bloggin’ blog brainstormin’!

the place where our buddy has his graduation was quite a beautiful building!

and look at them clouds, bein’ quite beautiful too!

chillin’ at home vibes! i enjoyed wearing my cfa hat, one of my favorite shirts, and my new earrings!

also, i do love the earrings, but can i take this moment to normalize peach fuzz? 😌 i don’t want to shave my face, and i’d love for all of us to embrace our beautiful faces, however we like them. 💖

alright guys!! i gotta tell you, here’s a candy worth trying!

they have a nice flavor, but the main thing that’s so awesome is the teXTURE! very recommend!

last but not least, the sayings on my mild sauce. memories of chips and queso and my meximelts 💕

work selfies!

every friday a guy brings us donuts! while i was taking a picture of mine from last week, one of the kitchen guys was like “what are you doing maggie” 😂 i do be taking a lot of food pics

look at my yummy lunch! (those nuggets were too hot, tho, j 😏 haha) i had a great time that shift working with some of my favorite people!

i brought some leftovers to work and put them in this bag to eat when i got off! my little doodle was so cute haha

hope you’re having a lovely day so far! love you guys!

which pic/s were
your fave?
what did you do
this week?

7 thoughts on “snapshots from my week | graduations, shopping, and pretty earrings”

  1. Why am I hungry now? Maggieeeeeeeee?
    I really like that dress! It looks awesome on you.
    I’ve been trying to expand my wardrobe a bit before the fall. So I feel ya about the trying on a bunch of clothes and shoes.

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